Is it difficult to get sponsorship

Sponsorship for the club

1. Sponsoring - what should be considered?

Club work not only costs time, but also money. In most cases, the membership fees are not enough to maintain and advance the association. Sponsoring is therefore often indispensable for clubs and an important source of income.

Sponsorship means that Provision of money, material resources or services by companies for the promotion of charitable purposes as well as of persons and / or organizations in the cultural, social or sporting field. Usually the sponsor supports his sponsoring partner in the form of money or comparable monetary benefits. In return, the sponsored party undertakes to provide a To provide consideration - mostly in the form of advertising, in favor of the sponsor. These could be:

  • jerseys printed with the logo
  • Information about the sponsor at events, e.g. on posters or flyers
  • Beverages through a beverage wholesaler
  • Objects from local companies as prizes for a raffle

Legally, sponsoring is understood to be a contractual relationship in which at least two parties are involved. Especially Sports is sponsorship indispensable so that the members can be promoted and trained. In addition to sports sponsorship, there is that Social sponsorship, which puts the social and charitable commitment of the sponsor in the foreground as well as the Cultural sponsorshipwhich primarily relates to the fields of art, literature and media.