Why do baeder dogs make dogs hyper?


Ah, bath time. It's one of the most despised times by puppies around the world. Happy for them, sometimes just giving them baths all the time is not ideal. Here are some tips on how to keep your pup as clean as possible without putting him in the bathing routine, just like us humans!

1. Use pet wipes

Handy and portable, this is a must for every dog ​​owner. You can also use baby wipes if necessary. Be careful to avoid your pup's eyes! Here are a few wipes you can try: Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes, Nature's Miracle Pet Bath Wipes

2. Brush your puppy regularly!

Maintaining a routine in caring for your dog is very important. Regular upkeep will help reduce the amount of dirt and allergens on your dog's lint, which will keep them cleaner overall. Here are some great dog brushes: FURminator DeShedding Tool, Magic Pro Dog Cutting Tool, Dakpets Grooming Tool

3. Dry shampoo

Baking soda and cornstarch are great for removing that "dog odor" that most puppies have. You can massage the powder through your dog's fur with a towel. They also make commercial dry shampoos for dogs that you can try: Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo, PET HEAD Waterless Spray Shampoo

4. Clean up your dog's things!

Her bed, her toys, her blankets. Clean them all! Another bit of maintenance to get into your regular schedule. This will keep your pup and your house fresher and cleaner. Use pet-friendly cleaners like these: Easy Solution ECO-CARE Stain and Odor Remover, Nature's Miracle Laundry Detergent Boost, Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner

5. Clean their ears

Some dogs have the most gigantic ears! Think about how much stuff can be trapped in these adorable things. They serve a purpose, you know. You can take baby oil and wipe the inside of your ear. Be very careful because their ears are just as sensitive as ours! You can also get ear wipes for your pup: Excel Ear Clear - Ear Cleansing Pads, Earthbath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes

6. Keep your mouth clean!

Good oral health is important to your dog's general cleanliness. Nobody wants to be around canine bad breath. Dentifrices are an easy way to keep your teeth clean, but monitoring the fruits and vegetables you eat can help with that too! Try these: Z-Bones Natural Dental Care Chews, Natural Balance Dental Care Chews

7. Freshener sprays or foams

If you brush your teeth regularly, doggy sprays can help freshen up their smell and untangle their coats. Here are some things to check out: Fresh Dog Waterless Bath Foam Shampoo, Fresh'n Clean Daily Grooming Spray

Featured image via Reddit user: Ceciliaj731

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