Is iOS 10 compatible with a 5s

iOS 10: On which iPhones and iPads the update is running

Apple has planned the release of iOS 10 for Tuesday evening, the system requirements have already been determined: All iPhones from the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c to iPhone 5s, iPhone SE to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s will receive the major system update - on the iPhone 7, iOS 10 is already preinstalled. The almost five-year-old iPhone 4s is no longer supported by Apple, on which a maximum of iOS 9 runs.

iPad owners need at least an iPad 4 to install iOS 10, this is the first generation of the 9.7-inch model with a Lightning connector. The first Retina iPad ("iPad 3") is not supported, even for that iPad 2, which has been supported for a long time, is over with iOS 9. The first iPad mini generation will not receive the update, iOS 10 will only run from iPad mini 2. The current sixth generation is required for iPod touch.

iOS 10: Missing functions on older hardware

Even on hardware supported by iOS 10, functions are sometimes missing if it is already older: Owners of an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, for example, have to forego the new face, object and scene recognition for photos. It requires a device with a 64-bit processor, i.e. an A7 chip, which is only found in the iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

In the past few months, Apple has already introduced several functions that are no longer available on 32-bit devices, including the Night Shift night mode and the content blocker for Safari. App developers can specifically exclude older devices since iOS 9, the apps then only run from an iPhone 5s onwards.

You can read a detailed article on the new features of iOS 10 in Mac & i issue 4/2016.

[Update 09/13/2016 7:05 pm]iOS 10 is now available for download. (lbe)

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