How do I sleep early for the military

With these military tricks you can fall asleep in 2 minutes

Everyone knows how important good sleep is. Also that six to eight hours per night is the absolute basic provision that you need to start the day well rested. Only sleep is a moody thing that cannot be adjusted at the push of a button. Correspondingly crumpled you look out of the laundry after a short night in which the will to sleep was there, but unfortunately not the sleep itself.

It's good that there are sleep experts out there who have to be well rested to do their job properly: we're talking about pilots, in this case the American army. More than thirty years ago they put together some practical tips on how to fall asleep within two minutes in the book “Relax and Win: Championship Performance”.

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Helps you fall asleep: Don't think about anything - like looking at the blue sky.

Fall asleep in two minutes - that's how it works

To fall asleep within two minutes, watch these exercises by American Air Force pilots, which combine different relaxation techniques. It is important to know that practice makes perfect - the pilots trained this process over a period of six weeks and then had a sleep success rate of 96 percent.

1. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Consciously relax the facial muscles - especially the forehead, jaw and eye area.

2. Then relax the whole body from the shoulders down. To do this, let them sink as low as possible and then loosen the upper and lower arms on both sides.

3. Accompanied by a slow and deep breath, you now go through the entire body from top to bottom and loosen all parts of the body so that they are completely relaxed.

4. You hold this body relaxation for ten seconds and then devote yourself to the mind: with the aim of getting your head as empty as possible. Tricks five through seven will help.

5. Imagine lying in a canoe floating in the middle of a lake. Above you you can see the blue sky.

6. Just as effectively relaxing is the idea of ​​lying comfortably in a hammock made of black velvet in a completely darkened room.

7. Of course, you can also say the mantra “Don't think, don't think, don't think” for ten seconds - exactly when you do absolutely don't want to fall asleep.

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