PETA is a profit organization

PETA Germany e.V.

Similar organizations:

AGA species protection

// Korntal-Münchingen

The international organization has been fighting against threats to animal and plant species for 30 years. Their story began with rescuing sea turtles. Meanwhile, the supporters help many other animal species with their diverse conservation projects. In order to be able to promote the protection of penguins and koalas, for example, they are even active in basic research.

Action against hunger

The humanitarian aid organization fights malnutrition and hunger in more than 50 countries around the world. The activities include direct emergency and disaster relief in crisis areas on site, but also campaigns to prevent malnutrition, the creation of access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities as well as campaigns to raise public awareness.

Albert Schweitzer Children's Villages and Family Works Foundation

The extensive assistance offers of the nationwide active foundation include Children's villages, facilities for the disabledn, advanced training and family work for senior citizens. The aim is to respond individually and appreciatively to the needs of the people being looked after and to support them in their development as best as possible.

Amnesty International

The global non-profit organization has the Protection of human rights and raises awareness of human rights violations e.g. through online campaigns, public lectures and lobbying work. There is a special focus, for example, on protecting the rights of women, girls and refugees as well as supporting unjustifiably imprisoned political prisoners.

Deloitte Foundation

The focus of the Deloitte Foundation is the Promotion of education and science. Both educational institutions such as universities and talented young people are funded in the form of study grants. The aim is the future-oriented orientation of the education system, in which young people grow up to be self-reliant and decision-making personalities.

Sustainable Development Council

// Berlin

The Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) advises the Federal Government on issues of sustainability in the conception and Implementation of the German sustainability strategy. In addition, the RNE strengthens the public debate on the topic of sustainability in the population (e.g. through events, statements or press releases) and recognizes particularly pioneering lighthouse projects with the label »Werkstatt N-Projekt«.

Life & Environment Foundation

// Hanover

One of the goals of the Life & Environment Foundation is to sensitize people to the issues of ecology and sustainability, energy, climate, agriculture and urban development. They would like to achieve this goal through lectures and discussions, exhibitions and seminars.

Environmental Center e.V.

// Hanover

7,000 members support the association in the areas of environmental protection and sustainable development. Numerous campaigns, projects and events give people an insight into environmental problems and their possible solutions.

Consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia e.V.

// Düsseldorf

The Consumer protection organization advises and informs private individuals on a wide variety of topics, including saving energy, the digital world, food, health and mobility. The extensive information platform provides information on various fields of action in everyday life: starting with the correct separation of waste in the household via green electricity providers to the selection of environmentally friendly, pollutant-free consumer products. In addition, consumers can get advice personally on site or by telephone. In addition, the Düsseldorf office is in charge of the “Added Value” project, in which initiatives on the topic of sustainable consumption are networked and numerous campaigns are carried out.

Viking trips

// Hagen

Wikinger Reisen is a CSR-certified, sustainable travel agentwho specializes specifically in hiking, trekking or biking. The focus is on »adventure and activity«, but at the same time gentle travel, where you stay overnight in selected, owner-managed hotels and eat in local restaurants. Wikinger Reisen also maintains a cooperation with the WWF.