Which actress has the best breasts 1

Crunchy curves: which TV lady has the most beautiful cleavage?

Since Inka Bause caused a sensation with her hot bosom parade on the ARD show "Sing wie dein Star", the necklines of German TV women have suddenly become a special focus. Reason enough to present you the luscious bust size and ask: Barbara Schöneberger, Andrea Sawatzki and Co. - who has the most beautiful curves?

The otherwise so staid-looking "Bauer sucht Frau" presenter Bause revealed an impressive cleavage on Saturday and thus caused astonishment among the audience. Up to the 45-year-old in the show by Jörg Pilawa as a Kylie Minogue double in the low-cut white One piece appeared, she wasn't necessarily considered the epitome of sex appeal.

There are other television women who have always been delighting their viewers with their well-rounded body shapes. At the forefront here is Barbara Schöneberger, who not only convinces with her brisk mouth.

Andrea Sawatzki's bosom checked Thommy

The open-hearted appearance of actress Andrea Sawatzki in the "Wetten, dass ..?" Broadcast from November 2011 is also unforgettable to her fans. Even chatterbox Thomas Gottschalk was speechless for once in view of her only slightly veiled bust.

Confident, in a silver dress and with loose red hair, Sawatzki sat in a radiant mood on the show sofa and chatted freely about her - also quite frank - role in the "Borgia" film series. Does that make her your favorite for the most beautiful cleavage?

Kraus: "I wear silicone over my skin ..."

Michelle Hunziker, Sonya Kraus and Sylvie Meis also like to present themselves in wide-cut outfits on television. There is pushing, gathering, gluing and the ladies are always self-confident and quick-witted. When asked about her bosom, moderator Sonya Kraus is said to have said, according to the "Bild" newspaper: "I am an avowed silicone wearer. Except that I do not wear the silicone under, but over the skin!"