How can i dance 2

Dance blog on Wednesday

Who can learn to dance anything?

You've been thinking about starting dancing for a long time. But you ask yourself, can I still do that?

Am I not too old for that already?

I can understand these thoughts very well, because I also had these thoughts when I called a ballet school when I was 25 and asked exactly this question.
Today I have to laugh about it and wonder how I got the idea back then that at 25 I might be too old to learn something new?

The lady on the phone laughed heartily at the time and, thank God, took away all my prejudices!
No! You are definitely not too old to dance! Not even at 40, 50 or 60.
If there is no suitable course for your age in your dance school, then it is not up to you, but rather the school.
Call the next one!

I do not know exactly whether and why it is partly anchored in the mind that we have to meet certain requirements. I often have this impression, especially when I am dancing.

Why is that?
Why do you think you are too old to try something new?
Why do you think you are too unsportsmanlike to dance?

There is actually one requirement that you should bring with you.

The desire to move to music.
But that's about it.

Dancing is for everyone!
Everyone can dance!

Do like the kids!

Close your eyes and dance!

I often see the crucial difference in children and adults.
In most cases, children are very open and unafraid to stand in the front row.
They do that without thinking, even in the first lesson.
They don't even think about whether they are doing something good or bad, they just feel like doing it and try it.
That's such a nice quality.

I see the opposite in adults. It is best to put it in the very back of the row so that I am not seen.
And then often after the first lesson the statement comes up: “I just don't have any talent for it!”
Dear people, a dance school is a school.
Did you go to school because you could already write?
Or did you want to learn?

Why do you keep putting pressure on yourself after a certain age?
Why do you do this with something that you actually like to do?
Relax, enjoy the hour and do what you can.
And I promise you that with every additional hour that you are there, you will feel successes.

You can't be too untalented to dance!

You can't be too unsportsmanlike to dance either.
Maybe you want to lose a few pounds and train your fitness a little!
Then look for a sport that you enjoy and if you like to dance, then you are definitely right in a dance school.
Unfortunately there is this cliché, mainly in ballet, that there are only very skinny girls.
That sure happens.
But as long as you are doing something just for yourself, why do you think that you have to be very slim for it?

No matter what you think what you are, it's not true!

You are not too old, too unsportsmanlike, too fat, too untalented or, or, or!
Whatever it is that's in your head.
It is wrong! You can start now because

Everyone can dance!