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105,000 euro democracy program

STAUFENBERG - Allendorf / Lda., Lollar, Rabenau and Staufenberg expand public participation. 105,000 euros of federal funds flow into the Lumdatal. The focus is on youth participation. At the beginning of 2016, the four municipalities applied for inclusion in the federal program “Live Democracy”. The program of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs promotes the development of participation structures on site and preventive work against anti-democratic tendencies.
In the Lumdatal, the “Partnership for Democracy” started work under the name “Dabeisein” at the beginning of October and is now entering the public initial phase, as Andreas Schaper from the responsible coordination and specialist office in Staufenberg explains.
The motivation of the local politicians for inclusion in the federal program was the will to involve the citizens more closely in local politics and to improve the flow of information between them. “The aim is to set up and expand structures for civic participation in the Lumdatal, as well as to take all social groups with us and activate them for the community. We place a special focus on the involvement of the young generation in local decision-making processes, ”says Staufenberg Mayor Peter Gefeller.
Open youth councils are to be set up to give young people a voice in local politics. Equipped with a total of 11,000 euros, they should also be able to implement their own projects.
Democracy is simply "learning by doing", says the Mayor of Allendorf, Annette Bergen-Krause. "We would do well to have confidence in the younger generation and to give them the opportunity to take responsibility and to stand up for their own interests, but also for those of other people." Use of 39,000 euros in project funds is decisive.
This is to be filled with people who will be elected on April 22nd in a "democracy conference" by representatives of all associations, groups and initiatives of the Lumdatal. However, the actual participation should take place in round tables and working groups, which are formed as required on a wide variety of topics, such as integration, local transport or local supply.
"Anyone who wants to contribute their expertise, ideas and zest for action, regardless of the topic, is very welcome," assures Lollar Mayor Dr. Bernd Wieczorek.
Another goal of “being there” is to react to right-wing extremist tendencies and to deprive them of the breeding ground. "In the Lumdatal, anti-democratic tendencies were and are being acted upon in an exemplary manner", summarizes the Rabenau mayor Kurt Hillgärtner.
The fact that this strategy is successful is shown by the fact that the comradeship “Free Nationalists Lumdatal” was broken up in 2013. The mayors of the municipalities involved invite information events to present the “Partnership for Democracy”:
On March 2, at 7 p.m., in the large meeting room of the Staufenberg town hall, March 9, at 7 p.m., in the Bürgersaal at Londorf train station, March 14, at 7 p.m., in the Allendorf / Lda town hall. March 23rd and 23rd at 7 p.m. in the Lollar community center
For more information, it is worth visiting the homepage www.dabeisein-lumdatal.de (from March 1st) or contacting the coordination and specialist office: Andreas Schaper, 06406/80963 and email: [email protected] -lumdatal.de.