When is Britney Spears birthday

Britney Spears: Are those birthday pictures a cause for concern again?

Britney Spears is celebrating her 39th birthday

Britney Spears will be the birthday child on December 2nd. The singer celebrates her 39th birthday in 2020 and is apparently spending it with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. To celebrate the day, they both post selfies on their Instagram profiles. But some fans can't laugh at the pictures. You will find more than one cause for concern.

Birthday selfie with Sam

There are new photos of Britney Spears - or are they not all that new? On the selfies with her boyfriend, which can be seen recently on the singer's Instagram profile, Britney wears a white crop top, a black choker chain and her hair is half closed, the bangs frayed. Britney has posted photos of this type more than often in the past few months. And yet the fans do not miss the fact that their "new" selfies are not all that new. Because pictures in exactly the same look - only without Sam - the 39-year-old posted in June.

This photo was posted by Britney in June 2020

Didn't Britney post the photo herself?

But there are other details that some fans find worrying. Britney's birthday mail with the words "Happy B-day to me" went out - at least according to the time in Los Angeles - on the evening of December 1st, even though her birthday was only on December 2nd. Comments like "Britney your birthday is tomorrow" or "Your family doesn't even know her birthday" pile up under the photo. For many fans, this is further supposed evidence that the 39-year-old has no control over her Instagram account, but that other people post for her. However, many followers also argue against it and explain that Britney may celebrate her birthday for a whole week.

Sam's gestures also sparked a big discussion. He puts both hands around her neck. "That's scary" or "I don't like the pose" is what several thousand fans say. After all: Most of the numerous comments are just congratulations to the singer. Mariah Carey also congratulates: “Happy Birthday dear. I love you."

Conspiracy theories about the singer

The Britney Spears conspiracy theories find no support. For months there have been rumors about the singer's state of mind. Again and again people from their environment get in touch who say that the 39-year-old no longer has control over her life and is even being held captive. The guardianship quarrel with her father should also burden Britney.

There is even a "FreeBritney" movement of fans and supporters who suspect that the repetitive images of the singer are supposed to represent a cry for help. Some even believe that Britney is no longer alive. Others think she has a social media team fueling conspiracy theories on purpose to keep Britney in the media.