What is the difference between nutritional advisor and nutritional advisor

Nutritional advice & therapy

The range of nutritional advice and the variety of common job titles is becoming more and more complex. When looking for nutritional advice, it is difficult for laypeople to distinguish between qualified and unqualified offers.

If there is a Nutritional-related illnesses are only entitled to nutritional advice and therapy in Austria according to Section 2 (4) of the MTD Act:

  • Doctors with a special degree in "nutritional medicine" (colloquially "nutritional medicine") or

  • Dieticians.

Nutritionists (academic university studies) are not qualified to provide medical nutritional advice and therapy for sick people or people at risk of illness. In Austria only dieticians and doctors with a special degree in "nutritional medicine" are authorized to advise or treat people with health problems and the resulting special nutritional needs. Dieticians have a professional license as a legally recognized health profession and are allowed to advise healthy, disease-prone and sick people. Doctors are generally allowed to advise. The special diploma “Nutritional Medicine” from the Austrian Medical Association (ÖAK) is an additional qualification in comprehensive nutritional advice and therapy for healthy and sick people.

To general advice on nutrition issues (also under the title "Training", "Coaching" etc.) to healthy people WITHOUT any risk of illness or illness In addition to health professions, only nutritionists are authorized according to Section 119 Trade Regulations. For the regulated trade of nutritional advice, a university degree in nutritional sciences or a dietology training is required by law.

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