Do you love nudity

Long live the nudity: 3 reasons why you should consciously celebrate your eva costume every day!

First of all, nudity means the lack of clothing and thus the confrontation with our body. Often it is a confrontation of our ideal with reality, which sometimes diverge widely. Nudity is also emotionally charged. “Feeling naked” is an expression of feeling defenseless and vulnerable. “To show one's nakedness” means to reveal something that one would have preferred to keep secret. 3 reasons why it is still worth making nudity a daily ritual.

1. Be naked to acknowledge the history of your body: It is your story

Your body tells your story. Learn to look at it, feel it and listen to it and you will get to know your story. Every pain, every happiness, every effort and every experience of your life is reflected in your body. In the parts you love In the parts that you like to stop by. Recognizing your body means recognizing yourself and your life.

2. Look at yourself naked to experience yourself as perfect: You are perfect as you are

What you are naked is what you are. Nothing more, nothing less. Perfect means perfect and that in turn means: complete. You are complete as you are when you are naked. You don't have to achieve this or that, read more, eat less, make more money ... you don't even have to be happier. Or love you more You are already complete and perfect. Just perfect.

3. Being naked to feel your vulnerability: It is the key to an authentic life

Nudity is the epitome of feeling vulnerable. Protection usually means building up a form of hardness and defense, outwardly, but also inwardly, by denying parts of yourself and trying to hide them. The lack of outer protection of clothing is the invitation to give up the inner protective wall and surrender to your vulnerability. This is the moment when you dare to be very close to yourself, to see yourself in your wholeness and to stand by yourself. To be vulnerable does not mean to be weak, but to be strong and brave enough to face life with an open heart.