Why is golf not very popular in India

GOLF - a blissful adventure

Let's take cricket, India's sacred sport, a little out of the spotlight and put golf at the center. Golf has become more and more popular and is now a very popular sport on the subcontinent. With names like, JeevMilkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa and Arjun Atwal known in the international game of golf, India has firmly established itself in the minds of golf lovers. India has numerous beautiful golf courses, which also offer a wonderful backdrop and you can enjoy the exclusive sport here in the quiet locations.

The golf tour aims to make the sport famous worldwide, famous as a sport in India. The Indian Golf Union is also in the process of receiving international prizes. India has over 196 registered golf courses. This enables many interested parties to play golf at the same time. Places can be found in New Delhi, Noida, Calcutta, Bangalore, Mysore; Hyderabad and Ooty. All these cities are easy to reach and if you want to change the golf course you have all the transport options.

Golf is not just a sport. It is a journey to rest, relaxation and peace - a passion. A golf tour promises relaxation and a "rejuvenation cure" for your body. Some of the golf tours that you will not forget for a lifetime are as follows:

The Golden Green Golf Resort in New Delhi, 18-hole, 7200m course, with bunkers that look like covered by an olive-green blanket. The beautiful green areas change their colors depending on the season. When playing golf, you will feel as though you are walking into bliss. The golf course was developed to offer players enough challenges. So it is designed more for professionals, something can be found for everyone. The course boosts golf tourism enormously!

The Classic Golf Resort, NCR, stretches over 3,000 hectares at the foot of the Aravalli Mountains. These world-class fairways combine international experience with Indian technology. There are two lanes, an 18-hole champions course and a 9-hole gorge course. With a picturesque backdrop in the background, this place leads every golf experience to an ecstasy of joy. The Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest golf club in the world except for Great Britain. The antiquity of this place is guarded and preserved in the clubhouse. The place consists of the finest grass and offers you a gorgeous view. In addition to golf, you can also take some historical background with you on your way.

The Bangalore Golf Course, the second oldest golf course in India, 18-hole, 6650 m course. The place is surrounded by numerous forests and water pits, ponds. The unmistakable logo - a crow with a golf ball in its beak - was created because there are always an enormous number of crows hovering over the course. The lush green grass surrounds the colored flame trees (gulmohar), eucalyptus and palm trees. Here you can have a perfect peaceful and quiet day.

In Coimbatore there is a beautiful first class golf course - the Coimbatore Golf Club. Here you are in a natural paradise, as this golf course is home to more than 50 different species of birds and a large number of peacocks. The club is also trying to work towards water recycling. The main factor, of course, is the wind, it can come from all directions and thus make the game very exciting. The beauty of the Coimbatore Club attracts visitors like a magnet every year. In terms of golf tourism, this club has contributed a lot and still does.

The beautifully carefully tended green lawns under your feet and the serenity as if in heaven make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Discover the best places and put your body in complete calm and balance. Relax together with your family, friends or acquaintances. What better way to fly away from worries and hectic everyday life than golf!