What is seismology

Department of Earth Sciences

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Serge A. Shapiro examines the AG General and Applied Seismology Earthquake Sources and the structure and nature of the subsurface on various scales from reservoirs to regional studies and global studies of the earth.

One focus of our research is the analysis of oil and gas deposits, for which we use a variety of seismological methods. Our goal is a better understanding of the processes behind small earthquakes, which are often observed during the injection of fluids into the subsurface (fluid-induced microseismicity). We have been bundling our knowledge of the physical properties of microquakes, the propagation of seismic waves and the observation and risk assessment of reservoirs in the PHASE project since 2004.

Furthermore, we carry out seismological studies in seismically active regions of the earth in order to observe and better understand the dynamic processes of our planet. We are currently involved in projects on the Alpine orogeny and the northern Chilean subduction zone as well as in the analysis of earthquake data obtained in a South African gold mine.

Our third research focus is on laboratory measurements on sedimentary rocks in order to gain scientific knowledge about the influence of different pressure conditions on seismic speeds in anisotropic rock samples. With our investigations, we help scientists better interpret reflection seismic data and create more accurate speed models for seismic imaging methods.

Further information can be found on our project pages.