Which skates would you recommend

Ice skating with children

When should I start?

In principle, you can put your child on an ice surface as soon as they can walk. However, there should not be too many other people on the ice surface so that your child does not get knocked over. At the age of 3 or 4, some children can move very well on the ice, while others take longer. The main thing is that your child has fun ice skating.

The first steps on the ice are very unusual for your child. In the beginning, take it by the hand to make it feel safe. In ice rinks you can often borrow funny animal figures that children can push in front of them. The little ones can hold onto it and dare to take their first steps on their own. You don't have to explain a lot to your child. You will see that with an ice figure or a construction site hat to hold on to, the youngsters will learn to ice skate all by themselves. There are also ice skating courses for children in many ice rinks. There, ice skating is learned in a playful way in a group of children of the same age.

Warm clothes while ice skating outdoors

For outdoor ice skating, you should definitely dress your child warm. If you don't have a snowsuit, you can put long johns under normal trousers and give your child a thick jacket. However, the snowsuit also has the advantage that it cushions better in the event of a fall. If necessary, you can also put knee and elbow pads on the child. Thick gloves are important, preferably ski gloves. They not only keep you nice and warm, but also protect your hands from injuries if you fall. Children often fall on the back of their heads when ice-skating: So it's best to put a helmet on your child.

Which skates are suitable?

Opinions are divided on the question of which ice skates are best for beginners: some prefer ice hockey shoes, others figure skating shoes. Figure skating shoes have longer runners and thus provide more stability. However, they have spikes at the front that often lead to falls for beginners. Ice hockey shoes are rounded at the front and back. So you have no spikes that can be tripping hazards. On the other hand, they have shorter runners, which makes walking a bit wobbly. The driving technique for ice hockey shoes is similar to inline skating. If your child has already mastered this activity, driving with ice hockey shoes will certainly be easier for them.

You can rent the shoes in most of the ice rinks and rinks. Just try out what your child can cope with better! As with all things, practice makes perfect! If your child enjoys ice skating, they will ride better every time.


Which skates would you recommend to beginners?