When will sneakers go out of style?

These are the 4 most important sneaker trends for 2021

Sneakers are clearly one of our absolute favorite shoes. Why? Quite simply: The flat treads are so comfortable that we can spend the whole day in them without any problems, make our outfits a bit more casual and are also absolute all-rounders. Because sneakers actually always go - no matter whether with classic blue jeans, a playful dress or even a business look.

Once again this year, the designers have shown us how versatile sneakers can be. We can look forward to new, cool styles in 2021 as well, which will immediately land on our must-have list. A trend that is currently celebrating its comeback could also already be hidden in your shoe cabinet. Curious? Here are the most important sneaker trends for 2021.

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Retro sneakers are among the most popular trends in 2021

Do you still own a pair of sneakers from the 80s, 90s or 2000s? Or if not you, does someone in your family still have such a retro example in their shoe closet? Perfect. Then you should dig them out right away.

Well-tried classic sneakers from brands such as Vans, Converse, Adidas and Fila are currently celebrating their big fashion comeback. The shoes are often characterized by a flat sole, neutral colors or even Velcro fasteners.

We like it. Because the sneakers immediately give every style a cool vintage look. And besides: everything doesn't always have to be new to be a trend.

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Must-haves in 2021: sustainable sneakers

The topic of environmental and climate protection is currently more important than ever. And sustainability is already a big topic in the fashion industry. So it's no wonder that the demand for sustainable sneakers continues to grow. How good that there are now many brands that rely on sustainable sneakers and materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, waxed canvas or vegan leather.

One of the currently most popular fair sneaker brands is definitely the French label Veja, which Meghan Markle and Reese Witherspoon wear regularly. The models are particularly classic and timeless and can therefore still be worn for the next season.

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In addition to Veja, there are of course other fair fashion brands, such as Ecoalf and Genesis.

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High top sneakers are the trend in the fashion year 2021

The biggest sneaker trends in 2021 also include models with an extra high shaft, so-called high top sneakers. They not only look extremely sporty, but are also the ideal solution for everyone who doesn't want to do without trainers on cold days. Unlike models with a short shaft, high top sneakers keep the ankles nice and warm.

Even if the sneakers are so popular because of their sporty look, that does not mean that the shoes can only be worn with sporty outfits. But on the contrary. High top sneakers go well with classic jeans, but look particularly great in combination with feminine dresses and skirts.

But be careful: High top sneakers visually shorten the legs. So that you don't look smaller than you are, some skin should peek out between your pants and your shoe.

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Sneaker trends: Running sneakers shouldn't be missing in 2021

In fashion things are currently more relaxed than ever. Not only do we suddenly take our beloved jogging pants outside of our own walls as a matter of course, we also style our training shoes, which we previously only wore for workouts in the gym or for jogging, with dresses, skirts or trousers as the mood takes us.

The special thing about the shoes: Running sneakers become absolute eye-catchers with their colorful color combinations and an often eye-catching design, and especially when paired with feminine clothing or elegant styles, they create a cool break in style.

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