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Training institutions introduce themselves - Academy for advanced training of the Dental Association Westphalia-Lippe, Münster


The ZMP course costs a total of 3,931 euros for all modules including exam fees, instrument set and learning materials as well as meals. Financial support in the form of an educational check or an educational bonus is possible.

The cost of the complete DH ascent training with exam fees, learning materials and food is 15,170 euros. Payment in installments is possible on request. The course is also worthy of funding within the meaning of the Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz (Aufstiegs-BAföG).

Quality inspection

The final exams of the ZMP and DH advanced training are accepted by a ZÄKWL examination board and objectively qualifies the participant to carry out the delegable services according to Section 1, Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Dentistry Act (ZHG), the content of which is imparted in the course and have been successfully checked.

The modules 1-4 of the ZMP training each end with a partial examination. At the end of module 5, the final exam takes place, which is divided into four areas in theory, practice and a technical discussion:

  • A: General medical and dental basics
  • B: oral prophylaxis
  • C: Clinical Documentation
  • D: Psychology and Communication

The two-and-a-half-hour test examines all the theoretical parts from areas A-D.

The practical part covers areas B-C and consists of patient treatment with diagnosis, professional tooth cleaning and the creation of an individual oral hygiene and fluoride program.

The patient is then presented to the examination board in a case presentation, including further therapy planning and / or determination of the recall interval. The exam concludes with a technical discussion.

The DH advanced training also ends with a final exam that includes written, oral and practical parts. The examination covers the following examination subjects:

  • A: General and subject-specific basics
  • B: Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • C: Patient education and instruction
  • D: patient treatment

In examination subjects A and B, a written examination must be carried out, the processing time of which is a total of six hours as a maximum. Individual examination subjects can be brought forward in terms of time.

The exam can be supplemented by an oral exam if this is the decisive factor for passing the exam. As a rule, it should not exceed 30 minutes and encompasses the entire examination area A-D.

In the examination subjects C + D, a practical examination must be carried out, which includes: The following exam content includes:

  • Presentation of a documentation patient (periodontal disease)
  • Presentation of a motivational patient (gingivitis)
  • Treatment of a new examination patient with assessment, treatment planning, orthopantomography, tartar and calculus removal, polishing, patient motivation and instruction, excess removal, recontouring and polishing of fillings and case presentation.

The practical test lasts a total of four hours as a maximum time.

You can also find detailed information on the modular system of the academy and a course overview at: