Why does God kill our pets

Why did God give animals to humans?

If we look at our country and the world today, then one can get the impression that a large part of the animals is only there to bring people a financial gain by killing the animals and then marketing them. In most cases, until they were killed, these animals had suffered a life of suffering and agony. In parlance, these animals are referred to as so-called farm animals. This word is an imposition for the God who created everything and should also be an imposition for all Christians; this word means nothing else than that there are also animals that are not useful and therefore of no use. It is quite evident that thought, demonized since the fall of man, makes this distinction between useful and not useful.
When we read the creation account in the Bible, it says in Genesis:ei"And God said: Let the water teem with living creatures, and birds shall fly on the earth under the stronghold of heaven. And God created great whales and all the animals that live and weave, with the water teeming with them, each according to its kind and all the feathered birds, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, and said, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea, and let the birds multiply on the earth. And God made the beasts of the field, each according to its kind, and the cattle according to its kind, and all that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And God said to Adam and Eve, Look, I have have given you all the plants that produce seeds in all the earth, and all the fruit-bearing trees that produce seeds, for your food, but to all the animals of the earth and all the birds under the sky, and all the worms that live on the earth I gave all the green herbs for food. "
Obviously the living God in our text does not distinguish between useful and not useful. Nor is there any mention of slaughtering or killing animals for the purpose of obtaining food. The eating and being eaten that we observe in nature today did not exist in the beginning. Humans and animals lived in harmony in the presence of God. In addition, God laid his blessings on all of the animal world. So God did not create animals to be eaten or killed by humans. Peace and harmony were the characteristics of the coexistence between humans and animals and animals among one another. This state suddenly ended when man rebelled against God when the so-called Fall occurred. God responded to this event by imposing the death penalty on all living creation. Perhaps some now ask: Why did God impose such a draconian punishment? Wasn't that an exaggeration just because an apple was eaten that shouldn't be eaten? Well, this is not about the apple, but about disobedience, rebellion against God, that was punished. And then the monstrous happens, something that has never been seen before. God kills the first two animals. In the Bible we read the succinct sentence: "And the Lord God made skirts of skins for Adam and his wife and put them on them." (Genesis 3:21)
Terrible! The first two animals, although completely innocent, were killed by God because man had rebelled against God. So it is not God who is guilty of the death of animals, but man to this day. every time we eat a schnitzel or a chicken thigh we should become aware of the terrible damage that man has done to creation by his wrongdoing in Paradise, which continues to this day. This does not mean, however, that we are no longer allowed to eat meat. The Bible does not ask for that; Jesus also ate fish and lamb. However, we should only eat meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry. However, anyone who thinks that for reasons of conscience he cannot eat meat should also refrain from eating; Because the apostle Paul says that acting against one's conscience is sin. Yes, God gave us some of the animals to eat their meat under certain conditions. However, we are called upon to regard every animal as a being created by God with body, mind and soul and to treat it responsibly. His killing should always remind us of our sinful nature. We live in the fallen creation, and that will only change with the creation of a new heaven and a new earth.
But the animals are not only there to eat, but the animals were also given to us so that they stand by man as friends, companions and helpers. The fact that animals are able to do this and can also establish a relationship with humans has not been known as a fact for so long and is still far from getting into everyone's minds. The old prejudice that animals are soulless and incapable of thinking is unfortunately still widespread. Today, however, science has clearly shown that animals sometimes have a very differentiated mind, that they can express feelings such as joy and sadness, and that they also have a soul, just like us humans. This animal soul returns to the Creator at death and is clothed with a new body on the day of resurrection, as the apostle Paul wrote in his first letter to the Corinthians. In addition, we have to admit that our knowledge of animals is still much fragmented and that much of what we think we know as correct will turn out to be incorrect. We have to get down from our arrogance and understand that God has given us animals very consciously so that they can be of help to us. In recent years it has been increasingly recognized that certain animals are able to help and accompany people with various physical and mental illnesses. In the case of authistic children or children with impaired social behavior, for example, animals can work wonders. But contact with animals also has a very positive effect on adults who suffer from depression, dementia or Alzheimer's disease, for example. Even old people in old people's homes, who are often lonely, come to life again through encounters with animals. The positive effect of the animal on humans can be explained primarily by the fact that the animal seeks contact in a completely unbiased manner and without any inhibition. Physically and mentally handicapped people in particular feel immediately: There is someone who likes me, who shows me affection and affection, who accepts me as I am. Involuntarily, one is reminded here of how Jesus treated people and met them. It is fascinating how the love of Jesus shines through in the behavior of the animals. What a secret lies in the animals. And there man goes and treats the animals with unspeakable brutality and lovelessness, just as he treated Jesus 2000 years ago. Yes, man's answer to love is the cross, that has not changed to this day. That this is so is the work of the devil, the adversary of Jesus. The devil would like to destroy all creation immediately and forever. But he has not succeeded in this since the victory of Jesus on Golgotha. What we are experiencing today in the world in terms of terrible things in people and animals are fights of retreat by Satan, he does not have the last word, Jesus is victor.
And so we as a Christian animal welfare association want to continue to do our work, because we know: Jesus, the risen Lord, stands behind us and equips us with everything we need. We want to thank him for that.