How do you understand the world

Our amazing planet earth

Rachel Ignotofsky

This is how you understand our world

A colorfully illustrated journey around the world - from coral reefs to deserts and rainforests to the endless expanse of the savannah. Rachel Ignotofsky illustrates in her new book the ecosystems of the earth with the help of art, elaborate maps and infographics and shows not only how our planet works, but also how we can protect it. Nature lovers and animal lovers of all ages will love this wonderful book and understand our home, the earth, in a new way.

Rachel Ignotofsky is one New York Times bestseller-Author, illustrator and designer. Rachel and her work are celebrated in many print and online media, such as Babble, the Huffington Post, Scientific American and Buzzfeed. She is the author of Women in Science (Fearless women reaching for the stars), Women in Sports and I love science.

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