Is it legal to buy FUT 20 coins?

FIFA 20: This is why buying FUT coins is prohibited

There are some websites on the internet that advertise the buying and selling of FUT coins. They look serious and promise a clean transaction. However, most sites do not mention that one is violating EA's rules when buying the coins or other practices of this kind. The EA SPORTS regulations state: "Purchasing coins through third-party providers, promoting coin purchases or passing on coins is a violation of our rules."

The fact that advertising of coin purchases (often unknowingly) can also be found in front of some YouTube videos by well-known FIFA players makes the illegal sale of coins (coin selling) seem like a peculiar offense. However, the purchase can result in severe penalties. Apart from the fact that your money is gone in the worst case, EA reserves the right to punish rule violations with account deletions.

Stay away from buying coins

The following still applies: FUT coins can only be earned by playing FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and by selling objects on the transfer market. EA has also issued a list of trustworthy retailers for FIFA Points. So keep your hands off the websites that sell FUT coins. Even if you don't buy them for your account, for example transferring them to a buddy, this is not allowed. In the worst case, your friend's account will also be closed. "Anyone who sends coins to friends takes part in the coin transfer and violates our rules," says the EA rules.