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Bizarre statements about slavery : Kanye West - megalomania personified

What does the rapper and businessman Kanye West actually do, one asked himself again and again recently, because it had become very quiet around him. It was even more surprising when his Canadian colleague Drake, who played in the same big pop league, seriously threatened to overtake him in terms of megalomania with his video for the play "God's Plan" - Drake presents himself as God's representative and supreme benefactor on earth and gives away a million dollars in front of the camera on Miami's streets.

But for the past few days, the 40-year-old West can be seen, heard and read on all channels again. Which maybe has to do with Drake's success, the headlines his gross video made. Certainly even more so with the fact that West has just released two new songs and announced a new album for the beginning of June, which will be followed by four more in the following months, which would fall under productive megalomania. Oh yes, a strange pseudo-philosophical guide for a good work-life balance is also still in the current list of publications.

One of the two new published tracks sees itself as explicitly political and is called "Ye vs. People". In it, West, who announced a year ago that he had voted Donald Trump in the presidential elections, is once again a Trump fan and discusses, starting with the lines “I know Obama was heaven-sent / But ever since Trump won / It proved that I could be president “, with rap colleague TI, why it does not have to be a necessity or a matter of course for black America to be against Trump and automatically have to vote for the Democrats.

"That he won proves that anything is possible in America," West said afterwards in an interview, assured that he would always be on the side of outsiders, said that his colleague Snoop Dogg, who recently came up with a dead Trump made headlines on the cover of his album "Make America Crip Again", had previously been an ardent Trump admirer - and underlined all these statements by having himself photographed with a "Make America Great Again" cap and the photo in the posted on social media.

Kanye West provokes with his statement on slavery

Now West's love for Trump is not necessarily worth talking about and excitement - Trump used to be a figure in rap texts, as West also emphasized - if the rapper had not been to the rooms of the gossip portal "TMZ" shortly afterwards. in boots to satisfy one's own wholeheartedness and alleged free-thinking once again.

Not only that West presumed to represent the whole world, not just hip-hop and the black community - which hardly anyone from this community believes or even wants to - no, West also tried himself as a historian and said: " When you hear of more than 400 years of slavery: 400 years? That sounds like my own choice to me ”. That means: your own fault, dear sisters and brothers.

This statement sparked outrage during the interview with TMZ, within the portal's staff, who accused West of irresponsibility, but also for a storm of indignation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Co.West then restricted the fact that he was on Twitter of course know that "slaves were not put on boats of their own free will".

However, he added: "But to stay in this position for so long, even though we had a large crowd on our side, shows that we were mentally trapped." And he ended this tweet with the sentence, of course on his own behalf: "Even the statement was an example of free thought. "

The enthusiasm for Trump is no coincidence at West

Now one could think that Kanye West is a slave to his mental confusion that has existed for several years, because of free choice of thoughts. And yet his remarks are sharply rejected by the black community in the USA.

She knows that West is simply too prominent, his music, such as the idiosyncratic and obscure track "Lift Yourself", in which West scatters and improvises jazz over a remote but great soul sample from the seventies tries to be too interesting and good, reaches too many people to just let him talk and ignore.

Especially since it cannot be wrong to defend against the beginnings. Because the enthusiasm for Trump is not by chance at West, and not because there are a lot of political similarities between the two. It is Trump's self-made man behavior that impresses West, not concern about oh-so-small America.

It is the fact that Donald Trump has achieved what Kanye West has not only dreamed of for a long time, but is probably seriously considering: to run as the Republican presidential candidate - he has the money for a long candidacy - and really President wanting to be. What was one of his tightest tweets in the past few weeks: "2024".

That would mean for Trump-plagued America, the Trump-plagued world: To come from a bad rain into a probably even worse eaves.

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