What does normal fitting clothing look like?

High, low, middle Waist - Trends come and go, but fashion terms outlast all time. The following glossary article explains what waist means and why the term is relevant in several ways when shopping.

The term waist plays this role when buying clothes

With regard to clothing, the term stands for the waist size, i.e. the circumference of a pair of jeans or trousers measured at the waistband. Especially with denim, the waist size is often given in inches

Example: W27 / L32; that is, the waist is 27 inches (69 cm) and the length is 32 inches (81 cm). This size corresponds to the German size 36. The regular sizes range from 26 to 33, which corresponds to the German clothing sizes 34 to 46.

But sometimes the waistband is meant instead. Namely when the word waist appears in combination with one of the words high, low, mid or middle. Both pants and skirts can be labeled accordingly.

Styles with a high rise are currently in vogue - in technical jargon this is called high waist or high waisted. In the noughties, just the opposite was in vogue. At that time, low-waisted jeans were very popular. Low waisted clothing sits particularly low and rests on the hips.

High waisted clothing sits relatively high in the waist area, usually above the navel. If you can't make friends with a particularly low or particularly high rise, you should go for middle-waisted styles. Each waist height flatters a different figure.

Good to know: The indication high, middle or low waist says nothing about the shape of the legs in jeans and other trousers. Whether bootcut, carrot, skinny or straight leg is usually noted on the label or in the item description in addition to the waist height.

Low, Middle, High Waist - This waist shape suits you

Low waist styles: Low-waisted clothing is particularly suitable for tall, sporty, slim women who want to emphasize their feminine curves more strongly. Because the low rise makes the hips and buttocks look more curvy, while the upper body is optically elongated to compensate for the long legs. Because of the low waistband, the legs appear a little shorter. As a result, low-rise pants and skirts are less beneficial for shorter women.

Middle Waist Styles: With a medium rise, the waistband sits a few centimeters below the navel. This waist shape is particularly suitable for people who are smaller, as particularly high or low cut trousers can unbalance the body proportions.

High waist styles: A high waistband also stretches, creates a flat stomach and draws the eye to the narrowest point: the waist. In addition, adjusted back pockets make the bottom look crisp. Beware of a short upper body: high-fitting trousers visually shorten the upper body.

Waist - a fashion term that everyone should know

You feel a lot better with the right jeans. In addition to the size, the waist height and the shape of the legs play a role. Anyone who knows the different waist shapes will find a well-fitting piece of denim faster.