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Mobile phone with two SIM cards: who actually needs that?

Running a cell phone with two SIM cards can be pretty handy, but many don't know why. And which smartphones can even hold two SIM cards? We have four conceivable types that can give you a nudge. Do you find yourself in it again?

Two are better than one: If you use two SIM cards, you can save money - and not only that. They are extremely practical too. Provided you know where they are used and how they are used.

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With smartphones, the cards are usually fitted via a side slot, the dual SIM slot. Sometimes these are combination slots that can be equipped with either two SIM cards or one SIM and a microSD memory card. Often you have to do without the option of a memory expansion if you want to use the dual SIM.

However, top smartphones in particular are now relying on an electronic SIM card (eSIM) as a dual alternative. A second SIM is not used here together with the classic nano SIM card, but is set up electronically via the software. The large network operators usually offer eSIM use free of charge. With service providers there are still differences in the offer.

The advantage of dual SIM: With cell phones with two SIM cards, two different phone numbers can be used at the same time. This in turn offers advantages for a wide variety of types. Here you can find out who can benefit from two SIM cards.

1. The traveler

Although roaming charges were abolished in most of Europe in 2017, dual SIM is also an option for vacation or business trips. Because unlike in the 28 EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, roaming charges still apply to customers of German mobile phone providers in Andorra, San Marino and Monaco.

Therefore, the purchase of a dual-SIM smartphone is particularly useful for frequent travelers who often travel to these countries or outside of Europe. We recommend buying a prepaid SIM card on site, with which you can make calls within the country's borders at a national tariff and surf the Internet at low cost. Or you can get a cheap tariff for other EU countries plus a second SIM that is attractive in Germany.

The use of a dual SIM smartphone is also recommended for cross-border commuters who live in Germany and work in Switzerland, for example.

2. The businessman

The most common use cases for smartphones with two SIM cards also include the separation of private and business calls and messages. This saves you the second device in your pocket.

To ensure that important phone calls are not missed, the dual SIM smartphone should also have the "Dual SIM active" function. It is thus possible to switch to a second call during the call.

Another advantage: users of Apple iPhones or Android smartphones can stay with their preferred device if the company cell phone is running with a different operating system. Not only the flagships from Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung have dual SIM, if you want to use your mobile phone with two SIM cards, you can also count on the new generation of Apple's iPhone.

3. The secretive

We all have our secrets, and sometimes it is better for them to stay that way. Whether you have a love affair that nobody should know about, are a secret agent in Her Majesty's name or are a celebrity - and need a "spam number" - dual SIM gives you freedom!

With the right dual SIM mobile phone, the second identity can be easily switched on and off, annoying or secret calls can be organized more easily with dual SIM - use at your own risk. After all, it can happen that one or the other tell-tale message appears on the display if you are careless.

4. The saver

In addition to the already mentioned savings potential for frequent travelers, there is another selling point for dual SIM mobile phones: the combination of cheap telephone tariffs and cheap mobile data usage. Because mobile network providers calculate in such a way that it is worthwhile for them.

It is not always easy to find a tariff that offers cheap phone calls as well as cheap surfing. With a dual SIM smartphone, two SIM cards can be recorded and used in parallel.

How do you use a cell phone with two SIM cards?

There is often great confusion about whether you can actually be reached at both phone numbers at the same time with a dual SIM smartphone. Yes, but very few smartphones have two receiving and transmitting units. These dual full active smartphones are very practical as they allow two active lines to be set up at the same time.

However, dual SIM standby smartphones that only have a single transceiver are more common. The two SIM cards have to share this one receiving and transmitting unit, which is achieved using a time division multiplex method. Then the smartphone can be reached at the same time via the two phone numbers, but if you accept a call, the cell phone can no longer be reached under the other number, i.e. the other card.

This can be remedied by setting a conditional call diversion to the other telephone number in the event of unavailability, so that call waiting and toggling - i.e. switching between two call partners at the same time - is possible. The call diversion can result in additional costs for the called party.

If you make a call yourself or send an SMS, the smartphone asks which SIM should be used to handle the call. This is particularly useful if you use the dual SIM function for private and professional use, for example, or when you are abroad with an additional SIM from a local provider.

The best cell phones for two SIM cards

Practically all cell phone manufacturers have dual-SIM-enabled smartphones on offer - from mid-range cell phones to flagship phones. While mid-range smartphones usually support two physical SIM cards, top smartphones rely on a combination of a card and an electronic SIM (eSIM).

Here are some smartphones from different price ranges that support two SIM cards: