Writing content is easy

How do you write a personal letter?

You have probably already received a personal letter. What makes it so special? And what is important when you write one yourself?

Personal letters are primarily intended for the recipient only, and can be very good personal Messages and emotional Content included.
For example, you can write a love letter to a boy or girl in your class or just tell them about the school trip when your best friend had to stay at home with a broken leg.

building blocks

The following four things are important in a personal letter:

  • Letterhead (Place and date)
  • Salutation (Hello mom, dear Sandra / Hi Paul ...)
  • Letter text (actual message / content)
  • Closing letter
    with greeting (greetings / see you soon / yours)
    and signature (Paul / Lea / grandson Leo)

What is the structure of a personal letter?

  1. Address the recipient personally
    Thank you for your letter / how was the vacation?

  2. Write about news with you
    Yesterday I was …
    Today I have …
    So far, I like ... best.

  3. Ask your recipient to respond.
    How were your holidays?
    Have you heard from Biggi again?

  4. Send good wishes.
    Have a nice vacation.
    Enjoy the rest of the vacation.

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Your writing plan for a personal letter

If you want, you can create a writing plan beforehand. Later on it will become part of your flesh and blood on its own:

  1. Make yourself one Keyword note to the letter text.
    (What do you want to write about? What is really important to you?)
  2. Pay attention to the TIP in the box.
    (What formality should you pay attention to?)
  3. Gap photos or images to make the letter clearer.
    (What else do you want to show your recipient?)
  4. Think of the Envelope with your address (sender - top left) and the address of your recipient (right in the middle under the stamp).
    (What do you have to pay attention to so that the envelope arrives?)

TIP: Which formalities have to be observed:
- Leave a margin of approx. 2-3 cm.
- Put a comma between the location and the date
- Make a paragraph after each salutation and greeting.
- Choose salutaries you / you / you lowercase or uppercase (you or you) and use them consistently.

An example: a personal letter from vacation