Can defeat Firestorm Superman

Rudolph Jones (New Earth)



Rudy Jones, alias Parasite, was originally a small laborer who worked as a janitor in the Pittsburgh office of S.T.A.R. Labs. Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips, remembered the parasite that had existed before Crisis on Infinite Earths (Maxwell Jensen) and manipulated events to turn Jones into a new version. Under Darkseid's influence, Jones opened a trash container that contained something valuable to steal and was exposed to a strange form of radiation that turned him into a bald, green-skinned parasite. Jones now had the ability to absorb the life energy of others and leave behind a smoldering skeleton. This power was necessary for his survival as his own body is constantly starving for energy that it cannot sustain on its own.


During this time, Martin Stein, one half of the Firestorm Matrix (Ronnie Raymond is the other half), learned that he was slowly dying and decided to destroy all nuclear weapons in the world. This didn't go well with the governments of the world, particularly the United States, which sent the Suicide Squad to Times Square where Firestorm was holding a press conference.

Things quickly got out of hand when the squad and Justice League, both eager to quell the firestorm, battled each other and the parasite (which was put on the mission despite protests from Amanda Waller and Colonel Rick Flag Jr. ) was released. He rages and apparently kills Multiplex and was brought under control by both teams. He later attacked the new firestorm, which easily subdued him and left him close to death.

While imprisoned in Belle Reve Prison, doctors attempted to cure the parasite's condition, but only managed to change its skin color from green to purple and increase its absorptive power so that it can feed on other forms of energy such as electricity could and heat.

Story with superman

After a few years, Parasite joined the conspiracy to save Superman from overloading the sun's energy. Rudy and Superman fought on the moon, where Superman uncontrollably triggered an immense explosion of thermal images, which the parasite absorbed, causing it to mutate even further into a huge, hulking monster with teeth resembling a leech. This mutation (Parasite 2.0) again increased Rudy's drainage abilities and allowed him to absorb the inertia of fast moving objects. it also made him insensitive to telepathic attacks to an unknown extent, as he could now drain energy through a mental connection (as he demonstrated when Dubbilex telepathically attacked him). Its extra size and strength came at a disadvantage, however; He had to take in more energy more often to stay alive.

Torval Freeman

Unfortunately for a scientist who mentored Rudy during one of his sentences, he was tricked and somehow absorbed into the parasite. This connection was different from Rudy's other; He kept the scientist Dr. Torval Freeman as part of his own mind. This combined intelligence made the parasite even more threatening.

Since the parasite can absorb Superman's energy, it is a formidable enemy. The parasite was recruited from Morgan Edge as part of the second Superman Revenge Squad. Failure followed each of his encounters with the man of steel. After Superman's powers were converted to electricity-based ones, the parasite returned to see what it could absorb from the Man of Steel. At this point, however, Superman did not have full control over what was happening to his powers and almost killed the parasite. Parasite later returned again and tried to cause trouble for Superman but instead faced Supergirl.

At some point, Rudy was hired to divert the excess electromagnetic energy from a being called the Strange Visitor, as she could not fully control it. This exposure to the strange visitor's power caused the parasite to mutate again, giving it the opportunity to fully and permanently retain the intellect of all of its victims and allowing it to maintain stolen energy for up to twenty-four hours. Like Torval Freeman, Rudy has included an unknown shapeshifter in his biology and given him the permanent power to imitate the exact genetic makeup and appearance of his victims (Parasite 2.5).

Apparent death

After later leaving S.T.A.R. In the labs in the early 2000s, the parasite began devising a plan to return to Superman. He began tracking Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to get to those closest to Superman. The parasite had taken the form of one of its previous victims, an old man, and was falling down at the pandemonium that evening when Lois came to see his aide. Since Rudy didn't realize that she was actually in contact with the parasite, all Rudy needed was a simple touch to find out about Superman. Rudy was surprised to learn Superman's secret identity and came up with a new plan when he realized how close Superman actually was to Lois. The parasite decided to take her place and emotionally tear it down by pretending to be a despised Lois Lane.

Parasite's trick probably would have worked if he hadn't had enough of Clark's constant apologies and attempts to get to the bottom of his and Lois' relationship problems. In an untypical fit of anger for Lois Lane, Rudy Clark struck out of her apartment on the streets of Metropolis. Shortly after this report, Superman had the parasite revealed in the form of Lois Lane. Rudy couldn't handle anyone other than himself (specifically as a parasite) defeating the Man of Steel. Just as the parasite was about to deal the last blow to an exhausted Superman, Rudy falls, completely crippled by a kryptonite poisoning that he had drained from Superman without Rudy or Clark knowing it. Superman eventually realized that the reason he had felt so debilitated lately was because he was constantly being dehydrated by the parasite and was also the victim of the mysterious kryptonite poisoning.

When he asked Rudy how long he pretended to be Lois, the parasite told its story to the Man of Steel. In his final moments, he tells Superman that he still needs to have contact with Lois every twenty-four hours to keep his charade going and confirms that she is still alive. He also told him that Lois loves him more deeply than he could ever know. The parasite died before it could tell Superman where Lois was imprisoned. Fortunately, Lois was soon found alive by Superman and Batman in a cave that the parasite had used as a hiding place.

Lex Luthor, with whom the parasite allegedly fell in love with Lois' form and engaged in "extramarital" activities, was furious when he learned of the parasite's plans. As such, Luthor went to great lengths to preserve the remains of the parasite.


The parasite was recently entrenched in St. Roch, Louisiana, where it uses its power-absorbing abilities to temporarily neutralize the powers of bad guys for a fee so they can evade detection in the course of criminal efforts. It does not explain how Rudy survived his apparent death from kryptonite poisoning a few years earlier, although Jones has shown in the past that he is able to regenerate his entire body after being burned down to the skeleton Kryptonite radiation. How he escaped Lex Luther's custody is a whole other question.

There's also the possibility that this parasite isn't Rudy / Torval at all; Its face is missing the monstrous teeth that the parasite had for most of its career. His vocabulary is more sophisticated than what is usually associated with Rudy Jones, although this may be due to the fact that Torval Freeman may be the dominant personality right now. and his costume is that of Raymond Maxwell Jensen, which the parasite has never worn after the crisis. The only consistent characteristic of the parasite is its massive build.

Post-Infinite Crisis Origin

The events of the Infinite Crisis changed many details of Rudy Jones' early life and the origins of the parasite. In this new timeline, Jones was based in Metropolis at the time Superman first appeared and was one of the people selected to benefit from what is known as the "LexCorp Lottery". Lex Luthor would provide a life changing experience to someone selected at random from the crowd that gathered outside his building each morning. Unfortunately, Jones ducked out of a physical exam and went to eat donuts in a leaky container of hazardous waste. Jones ate a donut contaminated by the garbage and turned into a mutant with purple skin and an insatiable hunger for the life energy of others. How his later history was influenced is not yet clear, although this may explain his apparent resurrection and appearance at St. Roch.