There are salty desserts

23 sweet and salty recipe ideas to enjoy

Popcorn cookies with chocolate and salty caramel

Salted caramel, white chocolate and popcorn combined on delicate butter biscuits - that sounds more than good, doesn't it? Karin's unbeatable combination of sweet, salty, creamy and crispy is addicting! To the recipe

Brownie with salted pistachio brittle

Brownie meets Black Forest cherry: Tine's combination not only sounds fantastic, it tastes like it too! The incredibly juicy brownie batter with a salty note is topped off with a deliciously delicious vanilla cream. This is accompanied by rosemary port wine cherries and salted pistachio brittle. We are already completely in love with this delicious creation. To the recipe

Hasselback with butternut squash, honey and crispy topping

Sarah brought us an autumn-inspired dish that combines sweet and savory flavors. The fan-shaped butternut squash with honey and crispy topping is a delicious side dish, a tasty starter or a small main course. To the recipe

Chocolate cookies with caramel popcorn and pretzels

With her recipe, Stephie proves once again that caramel, salt and chocolate are made for each other. The small pretzels make the cookies not only look but also taste special. Well, already in love with cookies? We think Stephie's cookies are delicious to nibble on! To the recipe

Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate and Pretzels

Peanut butter, chocolate, caramel and salty pretzels combined in one cookie - what a lovely love affair! We like to grab a bite and treat yourself to one, two or three of Nasti's crispy delicacies. To the recipe

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With the 2-partSalt and pepper mill set Pepita you give your food that certain something. Freshly ground, the aromas of the spices can develop perfectly - you decide whether it is coarse-grained or extra-fine.

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Chocolate cookies with salty popcorn

The combination of chocolaty-sweet and salty comes together in Denise Cookies in the most delicious way. Thanks to salty popcorn, the sweet chocolate bites become an absolute highlight on the cookie plate. To the recipe

Chocolate bar with salted peanuts

Are you a fan of sticky candy bars too? Vera shows you how you can easily make the most delicious bars yourself - with salted peanuts, caramel and lots of chocolate. To the recipe

Donuts with maple syrup and bacon

Have you only eaten sweet donuts so far? Then it is high time to try a hearty variant with maple syrup and bacon. Ines unusual combination convinces us all along the line, because the salty taste harmonizes perfectly with the sweetness of the maple syrup. To the recipe

Chocolate brownies with salted caramel and cherries

Attention, chocolate overload! Jennifer shared her recipe for super juicy chocolate brownies with us. Chocolate is not enough for you? Cherries and salty caramel are guaranteed to put you in a storm of enthusiasm. To the recipe

Salted Caramel Bliss Balls with Coconut

Are you already in a sugar shock after all those sweet and salty sins? Then now is the time for a healthier alternative. Corinna shared her recipe for energy balls to fall in love with. With dates, mulberries, cashews, coconut flour, vanilla, desiccated coconut and of course salt, you can conjure up the perfect snack for in between. To the recipe

Mini cheesecakes with salted caramel

Sabrina's and Steffen's sweet tartlets have a special trump card in store. A salty and sweet caramel sauce is embedded on the creamy cheesecake mixture - simply irresistibly good! To the recipe

Shortbread cookies

Your afternoon coffee calls for a little snack? Nike knows what to do! Their Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbreat Cookies are a delicious sweet and salty combination and melt in the mouth. To the recipe

Chocolate bar brownies with salty caramel sauce

What is best to make with mini caramel biscuit chocolate bars? Bake juicy brownies, of course! Claudia went one better and poured salted caramel sauce over the whole thing. The warm sauce in combination with the fudgy brownies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream lets you float into the dessert heaven in no time at all. To the recipe

Salted Caramel Popcorn

We know sweet or salty popcorn from the movies, but you can make the best sweet and salty caramel popcorn at home thanks to Julia's recipe! Whether for the next series evening or just for a snack - the taste is simply terrific. To the recipe

Exotic mango and avocado salad with prawns

Are you ready for Tine's hot and fruity salad with prawns? The exotic combination of mango, avocado, shrimp and the finest flavors creates a holiday mood on your plate in a flash. To the recipe

Vegan chocolate peanut cupcakes

Natalie's fluffy cupcakes enchanted us in no time! The vegan delicacies are quick to make and use only a few ingredients. A sweet and salty peanut topping sits enthroned on top - it doesn't get any better, right? To the recipe

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With the Frida food processor of Springlane Kitchen do you conjure up sweet rolls every day. From stirring, kneading to beating - thanks to the 4.5 liter stainless steel bowl and 1000 watt motor, every challenge becomes easy.

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Ricotta ice cream with chocolate espresso syrup and salted almond crumble

Are you a real ice cream fan too? Then Maja's recipe is guaranteed to inspire you. The creamy ricotta ice cream is happy to be in the company of a chocolate syrup refined with espresso and nougat. Crunchy crumbles with salted almonds provide a special crunch. To the recipe

Tarte flambée with blackberries, bresaola and mountain cheese

Hannah-Lena's wafer-thin tarte flambée literally wrapped us around our fingers in terms of taste. The sweetness of the blackberries harmonizes wonderfully with the hearty Bresaola ham and the spicy red onions. To the recipe

Chocolate Quinoa Energy Balls with sea salt

Would you like a little snack? Then try Hannah's delicious Energy Balls. The combination of dates, walnuts, cocoa, almond butter, salt and cinnamon is already promising, but if you add puffed quinoa to it, it can only lead to a real pleasure experience. For an even more sweet and salty flavor, the balls are coated with chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. To the recipe

Tarte Tatin with Salted Caramel and Lavender

We have a heart for classics! Jessica's French tarte tatin also impressed us. The combination of apples, salted caramel and lavender is simply unbeatably aromatic! To the recipe

After-work sandwiches with pear and brie

Do you fancy a sweet and savory sandwich? Creamy slices of spicy brie make themselves comfortable on fresh brown bread and are allowed to melt in the oven for a short time. Meanwhile, sweet pears hop into the pan and then sit on the slices with honey, thyme and walnuts. To the recipe

Chocolate cake with black bean paste

This chocolate cake looks innocent, but it has a dark secret. Do you already have an idea? Ela's secret ingredient makes the cake wonderfully juicy and particularly highlights the chocolatey component. To the recipe

Hearty all-rounder: bacon pancakes with apple wedges

Apple pancakes in themselves are a dream, but with salty bacon you can give the classic a hearty twist in no time. The delicious combination tastes good not only for breakfast, but also after work. To the recipe