Which book is good for hibernating

Our favorite children's books for autumn and winter

Do you also enjoy reading books to your children? Little C. likes it so much that she is commonly known as a book terrorist. If visitors come - whether family or friends - C. grabs the person and drags them to the sofa, where their book tower is already waiting for the adults. Reason enough to ask Eliane von MINT & MALVE, the Swiss book blogger par excellence, for some recommendations for the cold season.

And now I hand over to the expert: Slowly but surely, the days are getting shorter - and colder. Time to cuddle up with the children on the sofa and read beautiful stories aloud. I have four book tips for you that show how animals prepare for the cold season - or do they?

Jakob flies south

But let's start slowly. First of all there is autumn with its wonderfully colored leaves and hopefully many more golden autumn days. Little Jakob, the bird boy, should learn to fly better today than tomorrow. Because soon it's going to the south! Children's book author Simon James tells us in his unmistakable style (e.g. also known from the frog and beaver) how Jakob shies away from leaving the warming and protective nest. Winter is getting closer, a storm comes up and seizes Jacob's nest. Oh dear, is that going to work? Children from 3 years of age can find out in the exciting and at the same time encouraging picture book “Jakob flies nach Süd”.

Jakob flies south, Simon James, Gerstenberg Verlag, 2012, 40 pages, ISBN: 978-3-836-95454-9, ages 3+

When the bear wanted to tell

Shortly before the start of winter, we find ourselves with Bär in the beautifully illustrated children's book by the children's book duo Philip and Erin Stead. Bär is already very tired, but really wants to tell a story. However, the other animals are so busy preparing for winter that they have no time to listen to it. The mouse must collect grains, the duck fly south, the frog find a warm spot. And what does bear do? What a real friend does: He helps the animals and waits until next spring with his story. Can he still remember after the long hibernation? A quiet, touching picture book for little animal lovers from 4 years.

When Bear wanted to tell, Philip C. Stead and Erin E. Stead, Sauerländer, 2015, 32 pages, ISBN: 978-3-7373-5247-5, ages 4 and up

The hare is hibernating

Similar to the bear, the hare fared in Marion Arnold's picture book debut “The Hare Keeps Hibernation”. His friends are very busy preparing for hibernation, nobody wants to play with him. The rabbit doesn't want to believe that. Hibernation? For what should that be any good?! The other animals just make it up so they don't have to play with them. The rabbit is very sad and decides to go into hibernation as well. Of course he wakes up the next morning and lo and behold: “Everything is white and the whole forest is as quiet as a mouse. And where are his friends? ”A funny picture book with wonderful collages by Tina Küenzi, in which young listeners aged 4 and over learn a lot about hibernation.

The hare is hibernating, Marion Arnold and Tina Küenzi, Baeschlin Verlag, 2018, 21 pages, 2017, ISBN: 978-3-85546-342-8, ages 4 and up

A bear named Mur

Mur also has a lot of trouble with hibernation. Unlike his bear family, he is not tired at all. But not that much! You know that from your children? Then you can vividly imagine Mur's problem. 😉 “He was the only one who was still awake, and the winter was long and dark. Very, very boring. ”Fortunately,“ A Bear Called Mur ”by the Finnish duo Kaisa Happonen and Anne Vasko is not boring at all. The book not only tells about being different in a funny way, it is also beautifully illustrated and comes with a free app that brings the characters and the forest to life!

A bear named Mur, Kaisa Happonen and Anne Vasko, Midas Collection, 2017, 40 pages, ISBN: 978-3-03876-120-4, ages 4+

Do you have any other book tips for winter and autumn? I look forward to your comments below the post and will then be happy to add the books to my pin boards "Children's books autumn" and "Children's books winter" on Pinterest.

Get through autumn and winter well!

Your Eliane

PS: “The hare is hibernating” was made available to me as a review copy by Baeschlin Verlag and “A Bear Named Mur” by the Midas Collection. Thank you very much!

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