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360001 Well-founded pictorial order laid down down to the smallest detail.360002 Regulated down to the smallest detail You shouldn't be completely unhappy that you can count on the experience of your compatriots.360003 Down to the last detail.360004 Right down to the last room: Stream and distribute music Berlin (dpa / tmn) - open the front door, take out your earplugs, tap your smartphone, and the song continues throughout the house.360005 To the mass grave.360006 His professional activity follows him into his private life.360007 Dumoulin lost almost four minutes to the competition and fell back to 6th overall.360008 Dumoulin lost almost four minutes to the competition and fell back to 6th place in the overall standings.360009 Her gap grows to 2.17 seconds by the time she crosses the finish line - intermediate rank 20. Abderhalden Marianne Abderhalden loses quite a bit of time early on. 2.93 seconds mean the 26th intermediate place for her.360010 The Chinese Navy is expected to have around 350 ships within ten years, compared to 290 in the US Navy.360011 In ten years' time, they should replace the radiation and chemotherapy treatments that are common today.360012 Until at some point another participant asked why her brake lights were always on so often.360013 Until someday everyone in the room makes a phone call.360014 Until at some point there is another sex that brings everything to collapse.360015 Until Ironman interfered and won them over to the race last year.360016 Until Itay and Hanna realize that just being together counts.360017 Until, yes, until another own goal was scored.360018 By the end of 2014, JinkoSolar had amassed nearly $ 2.3 billion in debt.360019 The number should increase even further by the end of the year.360020 For the first time in its history, the industry expects more than one million employees in Germany by the end of the year.360021 "I finished that by the end of the year."360022 By the end of the year, domestic investigators had initiated around 100 proceedings against suspected jihadists.360023 The new warehouse and logistics hall will be completed by the end of the year, when all Baumit products will be available at short notice in northern Germany and especially in the Hamburg area.360024 There is no snow in sight until the end of the year.360025 At least one further test with Hofmann and the Finn Mika Kallio is planned in Spain by the end of the year. In 2016, rehearsals will take place once a month.360026 It can take until the end of the year for the LHC to be in reasonable shape.360027 By the end of the year, the value of agricultural exports could be 25 billion euros.360028 The number of MacBooks in the company could increase by another 50,000 by the end of the year.360029 By the end of the year, the Commission would like to present a more far-reaching legislative proposal that provides for an automatic and permanent mechanism for the relocation of refugees - not just a one-off initiative.360030 By the end of the year, current estimates assume that up to 23,000 asylum seekers could come to Saxony-Anhalt.360031 By the end of the year, the government expects a total of around 85,000 asylum applications, which corresponds to one percent of the total population of 8.5 million.360032 A corresponding law should be ready by the end of the year.360 033 By the end of the year 180 petrol stations should operate under the name of Turmöl, says managing director Bernd Zierhut, one of the goals for 2015.360034 All other federal states are to follow by the end of the year.360035 By the end of the year, all lines in the state of Salzburg are to be integrated into the app with exact departure times.360036 Based on the adjusted previous year's figure, around 772 million euros are to be achieved this time by the end of the year in order to achieve the annual forecast.360037 The building permits for the horseshoe building and the Centennial Hall are to be submitted by the end of the year, and structural work on the underground car park will also begin.360038 Around 60 people are to move into the containers there by the end of the year.360039 According to estimates, there will be over a million by the end of the year.360 040 A total of 10,000 Syrians are expected to come to Canada by the end of the year, and another 15,000 will follow by the end of February 2016.360041 A total of 650 to 1000 IS victims are to be admitted by the end of the year.360042 Around 30 young people jobs are to be made available by the end of the year, the listed company announced in a press release on Tuesday.360043 The structure of the state administration is to be optimized by the end of the year with the support of the management consultants from ICG, based in Graz, then the content will begin.360044 Concrete is still to be poured by the end of the year.360045 According to expert estimates, the number of people who do not have a job should increase from 384,585 to just under half a million by the end of the year.360046 The government adjusts to 30,000 and more by the end of the year.360047 There is still a lot of work to be done for Huth & Co. by the end of the year.360048 Trimmel was still working for the tennis association until the end of the year.360 049 By the end of the year 1,100 refugees will have found temporary or permanent homes in the Ahrweiler district.360 050 By the end of the year, the Munich-based company will have closed around 240 of its previously around 580 branches and cut a total of around 1500 jobs, albeit without any redundancies.360051 A total of up to 1000 IS victims from Northern Iraq are expected by the end of the year.360052 But more are expected by the end of the year.360053 The group wants to commit itself by the end of the year.360054 By the end of the year, Deutsche Bahn wants to ensure reliable WLAN coverage in all 255 ICEs, as it announced in May.360055 By the end of the year, VGF wants to make the full range of electronic time cards available: annual cards, 9 o'clock annual cards, clever cards for schoolchildren and trainees, monthly and weekly cards and supplementary cards.360056 By the end of the year, inflation will have fallen to around ten or eleven percent.360057 "By the end of the year there will probably still be some remaining work," Krüger told the Berliner Morgenpost.360058 By the end of the year the diocese wants to accommodate 200 refugees in church buildings, he affirmed.360059 By the end of the year it would be over 5000.360060 A total of up to 1000 IS victims from northern Iraq are expected by the end of the year, said the project manager of the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry, Michael Blume, of the German press agency in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk.360061 Until James changed the names of the protagonists and sold the story.360062 Eight schools in Iraq are to be in operation by January 2016, around 7,200 (mostly Christian) children are to be taught in two shifts of around 450 children each.360063 The Rapidler should strengthen his back by January.360064 By January 1988, 40 preliminary proceedings had been initiated against 108 skinheads, many were convicted, including some Zion Church offenders.360065 She lived in Darmstadt in her apartment near the Südbahnhof until January 2013.360066 By January 2016, the number should increase to 99 percent.360067 According to Gartner, every second company will have started switching to Windows 10 by January 2017, which would be a record.360068 A recall plan should be available by January; a heavy fine is imminent - and it is only one of many countries.360069 It usually takes two hours for everyone to receive their food.360070 Until the excavators can drive on one side of the Sternenfeldstrasse, whose parcels are owned by the canton, the year 2020 at the earliest will be written.360071 However, it will be a few years before DNSSEC is used extensively in practice, since in mixed environments all participating servers that are authoritative for a DNSSEC-signed zone must be DNSSEC-capable.360072 It may be some time before it is clear what happened.360073 Until someone came up with the idea of ​​simply spreading their ice cream on a rolled up waffle.360074 It takes a good hour before someone discovers the body.360075 Until someone thinks of one, you can at least enjoy looking at it.360076 So far it has been a kind of simulation with a horn concert.360077 So far, Tehran has only been working with Russia on a joint nuclear power plant in southern Iran.360078 So far, her streak (like the one between Zug and Davos) has consisted of all away wins.360079 So far: "Bleeds" continues the strangely satisfying ordeal, albeit by different means.360080 So far it does not cover the entire length of the border. The EU member has been building 80 kilometers of fences on the border with the youngest EU member Croatia since this week.360081 Until now: Because the US broadcaster “ABC” brought him on board as a producer.360082 So far everything points to a form of cryovolcanism, writes the astronomer and blogger Florian Freistetter.360083 Until now: This week the wrestler announced his comeback in the usual thickly applied manner.360084 So far, only men are allowed to serve in some units of the US military - for example with the Marines or the Seals.360085 So far, only a select few Heimtiger international celebrities and Hollywood stars have had the opportunity to take their pet's photos around the clock.360086 So far there is «no other database of comparable size».360087 So far exclusively on the Playstation VR, but maybe you have one standing around?360088 So far, according to the police, he has not been noticed, least of all through violent crimes.360089 So far I'm still looking forward to it.360090 So far, it just feels terribly generic and straightforward. But maybe the trailer is misleading. Take a look.360091 "So far there have been no negative incidents," says Bompas.360092 "So far there have only been rejections," admitted Grödig's manager Christian Haas.360093 So far there have been no problems there.360094 So far, the IS plan is working perfectly, migration flows are flooding the West and who knows who is below?360095 So far it is assumed that the ice grains formed in dark molecular clouds did not survive the conditions in the early solar system unscathed.360096 Up to now you have to work for half a year just to meet your tax obligations.