Is married to Eminem

Eminem: Ex-wife Kim Mathers unpacks

The 18-year-old love-hate relationship between hip-hop star Eminem and girlfriend Kim Mathers resulted in two children, but also two divorces and one attempted suicide. Now Kim is speaking publicly for the first time about her turbulent past with the US rapper.

New York (SOS) - In 1989, then 15-year-old rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III and 13-year-old Kimberley Anne Scott met. Since both came from a difficult family, they felt kindred and finally married in June 1999 for the first time. But as Eminem's popularity grew, the relationship suffered. A constant up and down began. In the ABC special "Sweet Revenge" last Friday, his ex-wife spoke for the first time about the humiliations he had experienced during the liaison with the hip hop icon.

The root of all evil was Slim Shady's musical success, said the 32-year-old. Constantly being alone and insulting Ems made her more and more unhappy. "I barely had any self-esteem. I just wanted someone's attention and love," Kim said on the ABC report.

In July 2000, the couple's relationship took on dramatic proportions. During a concert in Detroit, the rapper performed the song "Kim" in which he describes how he kills his wife. Before the concert, at which Kim was also present, he had promised her not to play the song, a reaction to a previous argument.

But then he played it and demonstrated his contempt with an inflatable doll, which he choked and then threw into the audience. It was too much for his partner. "This man is supposed to be the man who loves me and protects me from suffering. Instead, he humiliates me in the worst possible way in front of millions of people, and in front of our children, my family, my friends," said Kim, dismayed.

Shocked by this experience, she fled home and tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists. A short time later, the divorce was filed. In January 2006 both married for the second time. The wedding itself turned out to be 'dreamlike', according to Kim Mathers.

But luck did not last long. The singer filed for divorce just three months later. The reason for this was supposedly a quarrel between Kim and Em's brother. "I don't want to make Eminem bad (..) I just want to make it clear to people that I am human too. I try to come to terms with my life," she justified her step in public.

Eminem himself does not want to take a position on the statements of his ex. "Out of consideration for our children, who we raise together, I have decided not to get involved in this matter," said the musician.