What is Val Kilmer's greatest film role

Val Kilmer


  • First nameVal Edward
  • NameKilmer
  • Born December 31, 1959, Los Angeles, California / USA
  • Capricorn zodiac sign
  • Years61
  • 1.83 m
  • PartnerJoanne Whalley (divorced)
  • ChildrenMercedes (* 1991) Jack (* 1995)

Not everyone knows that

Biography of Val Kilmer

Bad boy image

With such a reputation, it is not surprising that the role offers have become rarer. Rumors of excessive drug and alcohol consumption did the rest to solidify the bad boy image. The former Hollywood star can now only be seen in smaller productions, which often don't even make it to the cinema.

Great in front of the camera

It's actually a shame that Val Kilmer is standing in his own way, because the actor has proven in numerous films such as "Heat", "Batman Forever" and "Tombstone" that he can shine in any role. His acting performance as "Jim Morrison" in the biography "The Doors" was particularly impressive. The actor embodied the self-destructive figure of the legendary "The Doors" singer so real that the critics showered him with praise.

Brilliant on stage

Before his film career, Val Kilmer showed what he was made of for a long time on the theater stage. After his Broadway debut in "Slab Boys" alongside the future Hollywood stars Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon, he became a specialist in Shakespeare plays. He starred in "As You Like It" in Minneapolis and shone as "Hamlet" at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

With such acting talent, it is all the more sad that Val Kilmer's career was on hold. In 2019, however, he surprised with a terrific comeback: With "Top Gun: Maverick" he is returning to his roots. Tom Cruise is also there. And: this is not the only film he worked on this year! "I still have it!" He proudly posted on Instagram. Well then, we are curious to see which films will follow.

Val Kilmer goes among the writers

In March 2020, the Hollywood actor announced the release of his own memoir, entitled "I'm Your Huckleberry", on Instagram. The title of the book comes from a western film in which Val Kilmer played a role in 1993: "Tombstone". In the book, fans can read stories about his favorite film roles, thoughts about his career and his love life. He also talks about his past health problems in his memoirs.