Is a picture an object?

Cropping the image: This is how it works with Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET and PowerPoint

In principle, there are two reasons why images are cut out: First, by omitting the background, the Attention of the viewer completely directed to the cut-out part of the image. Imagine an apple lying on the supermarket shelf among countless other apples, pears and other fruit - and then imagine the same apple standing against a pure white background. In the first case you will initially only recognize a cluster of fruits, in the second you will immediately recognize the individual object. What sounds so trivial is z. B. is of fundamental importance in online trading.

It is not absolutely necessary that the existing background is completely removed - often it just becomes brightened or blurred. Thus, the released object remains in the focus of attention, but is not completely torn out of its context.

A second area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for cropping a picture is preparing material for a collage. Different motifs from separate photos are subsequently combined to create a new image. Often, viewers do not notice this if the creation is precise - but it can also be implemented particularly conspicuously as an artistic stylistic device if the image elements obviously do not fit together for the viewer.