Why should we learn yoga

Yoga in the online course: can you really learn yoga online?

YouTube, video course and online yoga studio: If you want to learn the ancient Indian physical exercises on the Internet, you have plenty of choice.

But you can do the exercises and postures at all learn online?

And what should you look for in selecting watch out for online courses?

We asked an experienced yoga teacher and the National Yoga Association about this.

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What yoga classes are there?

A number of professional yoga courses are already listed in our directory, including:

  • An introductory German Hatha Yoga course at Udemy that places special emphasis on ahealthy posture (already 5,000 participants).
  • A weekend yoga class available as a Mini retreat over 2.5 days is designed.
  • A yoga course at Lecturio, which in addition to the standard postures also Back yoga exercisescontains and introduces meditation.
  • An English language video course withadditional spiritual elementssuch as the inclusion of the "7 Chakras".

What should you consider when choosing?

The expert says: "Teaching videos cannot replace teachers, they can complement them"

Christina von Jakubowski has been practicing yoga herself since the age of 15. Today she runs her own yoga studio and teaches online yoga classes. What tips has she?

Edukatico: Can you do yoga really learn online? So without a teacher who accompanies you live?

Christina von Jakubowski: That comes on the learner type at. A lot can now be learned well online. I've had students in the studio who have developed an amazingly precise and conscious practice through video alone.

And yet: at some point most people will be drawn to a studio. I believe, with a good teacher, whom we trust, we get ahead, we can ask our questions and find like-minded people.

The careful eye and the respectful help of a teacher become videos so quickly do not replacecan,but complement. They help us to set up a regular practice in complex everyday life.


"Examine video courses carefully and then practice very carefully"

Edukatico: What should you as a yoga student? pay special attentionwhen choosing an online course?

CvJ: The choice today is almost overwhelming. In principle, there is a video of every yoga teacher somewhere.

So I would be very targeted according to the contentsearch: Does the topic of the course suit me and my needs?

Also, I would always look at descriptions and Watch sample videos. The voice, the choice of words, the guidance through the breath ... all of these points just have to fit.

When I take a course, it is important to practice very carefully. Is that good for me? Do i need a break? How do I feel after the video and the day after?

The learner should keep these aspects in mind, as there is no teacher in person to adapt the lesson if it would be good.

Edukatico: You already have to Have yoga experiencewhen taking an online course?

CvJ: Even beginners can start with online courses. Maybe this access even is for many peopleeasier than the way to a yoga studio.

With previous illnesses, I would always clarify with the doctor whether yoga makes sense.

Edukatico: You are bidding even an online course at. What is special about this course?

CvJ: Our online course is kind of Yoga getaway for home. The practice is designed to guide the learner more towards his or her own center through powerful and calm videos. Because we often lose the connection to this force in everyday life, just like our abdominal muscle strength.

I think the videos are balanced in terms of that Tension and relaxation and can be practiced by anyone with a little yoga experience.

We have also added a small practice diary so that you can reflect away from the mat.

(Interview edited for better readability.)