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Top 10: The best compact e-bikes 2021 - fleet space savers

Product news / e-bikes: Compact or even foldable e-bikes are becoming more and more popular and are now almost part of everyday life for many city dwellers. The wheels are also interesting from a technical point of view, and the respective approaches are very different. We have selected 10 of the best compact e-bikes for 2021 and are introducing them to you!

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The most popular (e) bikes 2021: vote and win great prizes!

Published: December 13, 2020

The most popular (e) bikes in 2021: Velomotion will work with you to find the hottest new products for 2021 and you can win prizes worth over 11,000 euros. You, dear Velomotion readers (and only you!), Decide on the most important bicycle and e-bike innovations for the 2021 season in 17 categories - probably the most honest vote that can be thought of as [...]


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The most exciting (e) bikes for 2021 in 17 categories

As part of our readers' poll for 2020/2021, we have nominated and compiled ten particularly exciting bikes in 17 different bike categories. Are you looking for a new bike for this season? Then you should definitely take a look at our respective list:


The 10 best compact e-bikes for 2021

I: SY DrivE

The i: SY DrivE is one of the pioneers among compact e-bikes. Little has changed in the tried and tested overall concept with 20 inch wheels and the very stiff aluminum frame, which can be varied in size - why should it? The bike now has a large and steadily growing fan base. The character of the i: SY can be determined by the equipment; It is available with the entire range of Bosch drives, from the cozy Active Line to the lively and powerful CX to the S-Pedelec Motor Speed.

Price: 2,799 euros - 5,199 euros

More information about DrivE directly from i: SY

Hercules Futura Fold

The extra weight of the motor and battery is hardly noticeable in any other bike category as with the folding bike, which is regularly lifted. Hercules has taken on this problem with the new Futura Fold Carbon - here a carbon fiber frame meets the light, innovative Fazua drive integrated in the seat tube. So the optically very elegant Futura Carbon is certainly one of the lightest folding e-bikes on the market. Nice: Hercules offers numerous equipment variants, with chain or hub gears, the latter even with a back pedal.

Price: 3,499 euros - 5,999 euros

More information about the Futura Fold directly from Hercules

Kettler Familiano

With the Familiano, Kettler succeeds in bridging the gap between compact bikes and cargo bikes. Even in its long version with space for two kids on the luggage rack, the wheelbase of the Bosch e-bike is no larger than that of a regular bike - thanks to 20-inch wheels. With a permissible total weight of 180 kg, it is not only equipped as a child carrier, but also for larger loads.

Price: 3,999 euros - 4,7999 euros

Kettler Familiano e-bike put to the test: the child carrier

Published: November 14, 2019

Kettler Familiano L-N: The traditional manufacturer Kettler Alu-Rad is introducing a modern, well-constructed cargo bike that is aimed specifically at young parents, but is also tailored to the transport of loads. Highlights are the high permissible total weight and the powerful motor with a doublesable battery and thus a long range. Whoever took his little children ten or fifteen years ago with the [...]


More information about the Familiano directly from Kettler

Corratec LifeS

Not boring: The bright Corratec LifeS brings color to the often somewhat staid category of compact bikes. This is not only due to the countless color combinations themselves, but also to the general design language somewhere between retro bike and chopper. With its thick balloon tires and the upright sitting position, comfort is not neglected either. The stylish cruiser is powered by a Bosch Active Line or Active Line Plus motor.

Price: 2,599 euros - 2,799 euros

More information about LifeS directly from Corratec

Cube Compact Hybrid

The Compact Hybrid is a stylish, practical and, above all, fun companion for the urban jungle. The stiff frame, in conjunction with the 20 inch wheels and the Bosch Performance motor, leads to a lively driving experience, which, however, does not lack the necessary smoothness. Thanks to its long seat post and variable cockpit, the bike can also be adjusted to different body sizes in a flash.

Price: 2,499 euros

More information about the Compact Hybrid directly from Cube

Flyer Upstreet1

With the Upstreet1, the e-bike specialists from Flyer send one of the most comfortable compact e-bikes into the season. This is not only supported by the pleasantly deep step-through, but also by the large-volume tires and the spring support installed in all equipment variants. Either a Bosch Active Line Plus or a Performance drive helps you move forward quickly despite all the comfort. Positive: The motors combined with a 500 Wh battery are among the quietest on the market.

Price: 3,499 euros - 3,999 euros

More information about Upstreet1 directly from Flyer

Tern GSD

The GSD is Tern's contribution to the growing category of compact cargo bikes. With the 20 inch wheels, the bike remains nice and compact and yet has a generous maximum system weight of 200 kg. The specially developed center stand allows convenient loading while standing without having to hold the bike. Clever: The luggage rack allows upright and space-saving "parking" within your own four walls. The extremely powerful Bosch Cargo Line drive also ensures that you can reach your destination comfortably even when fully loaded.

Price: 4,699 euros - 8,299 euros

More information about the GSD directly from Tern

Winora radius

The puristic radius can set itself apart from other compact bikes simply by choosing the drive system. Winora relies on the very reliable and with a maximum of 70 Nm also quite powerful Yamaha PW-ST motor in connection with a 500 Wh battery. With the folding pedals and handlebars that can be rotated by 90 °, it can also be stored in a very space-saving manner - whether in the garage or in the apartment.

Price: 2,799 euros

More information about the radius directly from Winora

Kettler Quadriga Cityhopper

Kettler Quadriga Cityhopper

With the Cityhopper, traditional manufacturer Kettler is shrinking its popular Quadriga series to compact wheel dimensions. The small wheels and the Active Line Plus drive give the optically very successful bike a lively, but not nervous, character. The cleverly designed frame offers a pleasantly deep step-through and can be quickly adapted to different body sizes by pulling out the support and handlebars. If you don't have a lot of space to park your car, you will appreciate the foldable pedals and the rotating handlebar.

Price: 2,999 euros

Compact and nimble through the city: Kettler Quadriga Cityhopper 2021 in the test

Published: October 7, 2020

Test / e-bikes: With the Quadriga Cityhopper, the traditional brand Kettler-Alu-Rad has an exciting compact e-bike in its range for 2021. With Bosch Active Line Plus motor, 500 Wh PowerTube battery and 20 inch tires, the Kettler Quadriga Cityhopper should be the ideal companion in urban areas. We have already been able to test the compact bike exclusively. That e-bikes have long [...]


More information about the Quadriga Cityhopper directly from Kettler

Brompton Electric

There is hardly a more iconic compact or folding bike than the Brompton. The British have perfected the intuitive folding mechanism with many years of experience; Despite the small 16 inch wheels, the handling is extremely good-natured and hardly nervous. In order not to have to change this recipe for success with the E-Brompton, the Electric comes with a hub motor in the front wheel. The 330 Wh battery is disguised as a handlebar bag and can be removed with one movement.

Price: 2,999 euros - 3,199 euros

More information about Brompton Electric directly from Brompton