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Keno 24/7 Help & FAQ

With the unique Keno 24/7 you can win up to 10 million euros. Every four minutes, every day of the week, around the clock.

Keno 24/7 works just like any other lottery - you bet on numbers and win a prize if they are drawn during the draw. The amount of money you win is determined by the number of numbers you got right. In Lottoland you bet on the result of the drawing.

The only difference to a regular lottery is that a Keno 24/7 draw takes place every four minutes. In each drawing, 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 80. In every single game, players can choose from one to ten numbers. The more numbers the player chooses and has correct, the higher the possible winnings.

Drawing daysFrequency of the drawingMaximum jackpotcommitment
Every dayEvery 4 minutes10 million eurosfrom 1 euro


How does Keno work 24/7 in Lottoland?

Instead of taking part in the official KeNow lottery drawing, you bet on the result of the New York Keno (Quick Draw) here. You choose the numbers that you think will be drawn in the same way as if you were to participate in the official ‘Quick Draw‘ draw. If you win, Lottoland will pay you the winnings directly.

How do I fill out the ticket?

Choose how many numbers you want to play (1 to 10), each number can have a value from 1-80. You can use the random tip option to automatically pick 10 numbers for you to play.

Then you choose your desired stake.

How do I win the jackpot?

You win the jackpot if your 10 numbers are the same as those drawn in the official New York Keno (Quick Draw) drawing.

Can I win the same prizes in Lottoland as there are in the official drawing?

If you play with us, you can win all the prizes that are also available in the official drawing, including the jackpot.

What does Keno 24/7 cost?

The cheapest game costs € 1, but you can wager up to € 10.

The number of numbers you choose and the size of the stake determine the prize you can win in a game.

How do I choose less than 10 numbers?

Select each number individually on the ticket or use the random selection function at the top of the ticket.
The number of numbers you choose applies to a single game.

How much can i win?

Keno 24/7 has a jackpot of 10 million euros. However, you can also select the JackPotPot option for the chance to win double the official Keno 24/7 jackpot amount.

When does the drawing take place?

The Keno 24/7 draws take place every four minutes every day.

Are my winnings tax-free?

Winnings from this lottery are tax-free in Germany like all other winnings from Lottoland.