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Days Gone - With these 17 tips & tricks you will master the struggle for survival

Days Gone tips and tricks.

With Days Gone, developer Sony Bend sends you on the PS4 in a gripping action adventure in North America. All kinds of dangers lurk in the open game world, which must be eliminated in the role of biker Deacon St. John. To make it a little easier for you to get started, we have put together tips and tricks. Here we go!

1. Collect everything that fits in your pockets

As a survival light game, Days Gone has a crafting system. Healing bandages or items of equipment such as Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs are what we have to make ourselves here.

We can find all kinds of materials for this in the game world - and you shouldn't be afraid to put them in your pockets. Cloths, bottles, kerosene. You should rip everything under the nail so that you don't look old if necessary.

You can use the crafting wheel to create items at any time. And if in the middle of a fight against a grizzly you suddenly don't have what it takes for an association, you can also say "good night!" say.

In this guide, we'll explain where you can find all of the crafting recipes.

2. Refill ammunition and crafting materials in the observation tower free of charge

Right at the beginning, Days Gone makes it really easy for you to always fill your pockets with crafting materials. At the beginning you come to a lookout tower, which from now on is a kind of hub for the first hours of the game. Here you can dust off all the precious resources for free.

The cool thing: If you leave the area and return after a while, the items are again available as if by magic.

3. These are the best starter weapons

You unlock some of the best weapons in Days Gone quite late in the story, but at the beginning you unlock also not to be underestimated boom and killers:

  • Nail baseball bat: Complete the mission "What becomes of good patriots"
  • Crossbow: It's automatic in the story. The advantage: You can produce ammunition at any time by looting cedar seedlings and scrap.
  • Gun with silencer: You can find silencers on wrecked cars. The advantage? So you have a quiet weapon with which you can happily distribute head hits without alerting your opponents.

By the time you reach Tuckers Camp and can shop in the Alkais weapons shop, you will have a good base.

4. Choose Tuckers Camp and buy some good weapons to start with

Copeland or Tucker? Our tip: bring the drugs to Tucker.

Apropops Tucker: After a few hours in the story, you are faced with a tough decision that is more important than it initially appears. You have the choice of bringing drugs (medicines) you have procured to either Tucker or Copeland.

Our tip: choose Tucker.

The advantage? You advance in camp rank and have immediate access to powerful weapons that you can purchase from trader Alkai, including:

Rank 1:

  • M40 sniper rifle
  • Repeating rifle
  • SAP-9 pistol

Rank 2:

  • RSF-60 pump gun
  • Lil 'Stubby Shotgun
  • Stinger submachine gun

By the way, we explain how you unlock and store weapons here.

5. Don't fight hordes at the beginning

The hordes are not to be underestimated.

Hordes are not only the great playful highlight of Days Gone, but also the greatest challenge. Theoretically, you can throw yourself into the fight against a pack of freaks in the first few hours of the game. We strongly advise against it.

At the beginning you are simply far too weak to take on the disgust collectives. Hordes are meant for the late game. You shouldn't tackle them until you've unlocked enough crafting recipes such as remote control bombs and advanced Molotov cocktails.

You also need to improve Deacon's health and stamina. To do this, complete Nero checkpoints and be rewarded with stimpacks that improve your status values.

And if you want to go for it: Here are the locations of all the hordes on the map. Here, however, we explain to you the easiest way to defeat hordes.

6. Fill up the tank in good time

Here you have to fill up your tank regularly.

In Days Gone we can't race around indefinitely like in GTA. Sooner or later we run out of juice here and we have to refuel our beloved bike. And that is sorely needed. If you are stranded in the pampas with an empty tank, you will have a swarm of freaks or a pack of wolves on your neck faster than you would like.

Therefore: Pay attention to your fuel gauge! The good news is that you can find petrol cans or gas stations in every imaginable place in the game world. If you want to prevent problems, you should always fill up your bike before the start of the mission in the camp or at the aforementioned observation tower in the starting area.

You can find more tips on the tank and where to find petrol cans here.

7. Get the tank upgrade

You can - and should - expand your tank by upgrading your bike at the mechanic. So it holds more gasoline and you can ride through the area longer.

You can find the respective tinkerer who sells you tank upgrades in Copelands Camp, for example. In Lost Lake you also have the opportunity to tune your motorcycle.

8. A broken bike is a death trap: fix it!

A broken bike is slow and a slow bike can break your neck.

And where we are with our bike right now. Paying attention to the gasoline meter is only half the battle. If you drive like an ax in the forest and ram trees, freakers or wrecked cars on the way, your trusty vehicle will break down sooner or later. In the worst case scenario, you could end up with engine failure, and we don't have to mention again how dangerous the Open World of Days Gone is.

Therefore, make sure that you always have enough scrap with you to repair your motorcycle if necessary. You can find scrap on car wrecks, for example. So that you don't have to use the repair kit in the first place, it is of course advisable to drive carefully on the streets.

9. Jump on the bike quickly

Despite our tips, every now and then you will find yourself in a situation in which a quick escape is necessary. Be it because of a horde for whom you are still too weak or because you have run out of ammunition and the danger is on your neck. There is a little trick to quickly find the distance with your bike.

That's how it's done: With the L3 button pressed, sprint towards your bike and just before you reach it, tap the square button. That might save you the all-important second.

10. Prepare yourself well for your next mission

Good preparation is essential in Days Gone. Before you embark on the next mission, make sure that you have done everything you can to be prepared for the upcoming battle. That means:

  • Fill up the tank. You never know if there might be a long chase during the mission.
  • Buy ammunition for your weapons. In camps you can not only buy weapons, but also equip them with cartridges for little money.
  • Always have enough healing available. Special resources for associations are numerous scattered around the world and regenerate a large part of your life bar within a very short time.
  • Modify your melee weapons. You can defend yourself with a baseball bat, but if you have crafted a stick of nails from the sports equipment beforehand, the enemies will go down after just a few blows.

11. Make clever use of the stealth mechanics

Those who sneak gain great advantages.

As is so often the case, the quiet way in many missions in the game is the easier one and the one that saves you a lot of resources. However, sometimes you come across situations where it is very difficult to surprise your opponents without being seen.

Therefore use items to distract your adversaries. As you know it from Horizon Zero Dawn, for example, the good old stone is of course a means. But if you want to lure several enemies from their position at the same time, use the distraction trap. She feigns an exchange of fire and clears the way for several seconds.

12. Deactivate loudspeakers in Nero installations

In the abandoned facilities of the Nero research organization you will find the Stimpacks, a very important status improvement for Biker Deacon. But these are usually guarded by a large number of freaks.

In order to get into the locked systems, you have to restore the electricity. If you have done this and forgot to deactivate the loudspeakers, all dangers within a radius of several hundred meters will soon be attracted. Therefore, be sure to cut the power lines before starting the gasoline-filled generator.

13. Eliminate nests to activate fast travel

Those who burn nests will be rewarded.

Days Gone offers a fast travel function, but you have to activate most of the stations first.

How it works? It's simple: you have to clear infected areas. These are special areas in the open world in which a particularly large number of freaks have built cozy nests. You destroy nests with fire, for example by firing Molotov cocktails on them. Have you eliminated an infected zone, then you activate the fast travel for the respective location.

Incidentally, the helpful time-saving is not in vain. You also need petrol for this.

14. Quickly unlocks the skill "Repair melee weapons"

Melee combat is very effective in Days Gone.

Melee weapons are effective against both freakers and human enemies. A good old club can save lives, especially when you run out of ammunition in the heat of the moment.

The disadvantage? Baseball bats, fire axes and the like break after a while. But there is a certain Melee Skill that you should unlock as soon as possible: The ability to repair melee weapons with scrap.

Once you have activated this skill, you can easily assemble your sticks again using the weapon wheel. Of course, only if you have enough junk with you. You can find this on car wrecks, for example.

15. Unlock the skill "Healing on Headshots"

Another useful skill: healing after being hit in the head. In general, you should be careful to always aim at the heads of your enemies. This not only saves you ammunition, but also kills most opponents in one fell swoop.

You can unlock said ability on the ranged skill tree. Have you done that, you heal some life points every time you hit the head. The healing effect is not great, but it can bail you out in tricky situations.

Do you want more useful skills? These are the 7 best skills in Days Gone.

16. Defeating the crusher made easy

In the course of the story (during the story mission "Play all night" from the quest series "He's my brother") you stumble into a boss fight that you won't soon forget. We're talking about the fight against the muscle-bound, huge one Breaker, and he can break your neck quickly without the right tactics.

The fight against the monster is not without it. You can help yourself by, among other things:

  • Throwing Molotov cocktails at him from a distance
  • Explode the red boxes around the plane
  • Defused bear traps in the combat area and use them against the breaker.

We explain the perfect tactic with which you defeat the breaker in more detail here.

17. Easily defeat bears

In the rough world of Days Gone, you will not only have to deal with freaks and bandits, but also with the animal inhabitants of Oregon. The strongest representatives of these are bears, which come in two different variants: normal bears and infected bears.

The following tips, among others, help with both variants:

  • Use the pike role: Deacon can evade with the R1 button. Use that and jump aside when the bear rushes towards you. The best way to trigger the animal's advance is to sprint away and keep your distance. Pay attention to your stamina. A role costs quite a bit of it. So there has to be something left after your sprint. The general rule is: never stand still.
  • Fire is the key: In addition to damage from firearms, you should primarily use fire against the bear. So make sure you have as many Molotov cocktails with you as possible before the fight. Wait until the fire goes out and has done maximum damage, then you throw the next one afterwards. However, three pieces will not be enough. The materials used for production cannot do any harm to get supplies during the duel.

You can find even more tips for fighting bears here.

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