Lightens the skin with vitamin E.

Vitamin E in your skin care routine

Miracle or marketing?

It's no secret that I think antioxidants are an essential part of my skin care products. Everyone knows vitamin C, of ​​course, which I have already written about. But a completely different talent is vitamin E. Some miracles are ascribed to vitamin E creams: They would make scars disappear like snow in the sun. But is that actually true or is it primarily a marketing strategy? It's time for the truth ...

What is Vitamin E

Our body cannot produce vitamin E or tocopherol itself, so we have to take it in with our diet. It is found in fresh vegetables, vegetable oils, cereals and nuts, among other things. It is important for many functions of the body, but it is essential for the skin.

It is naturally the most abundant vitamin found in the skin. It is mainly found in the layer of dead skin cells and gets through our body into the sebum and thus into the upper layer of the skin. Studies have shown that many people are vitamin E deficient. I will tell you the consequences for your skin ...

The proof

The many studies cannot be ignored: It cannot be denied that vitamin E works! It ensures that we don't get sunburn so quickly. It limits the cell damage caused by the sun and, in combination with vitamin C, brightens pigment spots. It also strengthens the skin's barrier function: it is not for nothing that vitamin E is contained in a very high concentration in the vernix caseosa (fruit smear) of a newborn baby (abstract). And last but not least, it ensures that other effective ingredients in skin care products can penetrate deeper into the skin to take effect. I have to disappoint you on one point: There is absolutely no evidence that vitamin E could reduce scar tissue!

There are far fewer studies on the effects of vitamin E on the skin when it is taken in pill form. Nevertheless, a single-blind, placebo-controlled study recently showed that atopic dermatitis (eczema) was significantly improved by taking vitamin E supplements compared to the control group, who took a placebo (abstract).

Does it also work in a crucible?

Vitamin E cannot easily be used in cosmetics. It is sensitive to light and oxygen and must therefore be properly packaged so that it does not lose its effectiveness. So if you are looking for a cream, you should really leave the jar alone! In addition, not all types of vitamin E work equally well. The most effective form is alpha tocopherol.

Because this ingredient is very unstable, esters are often used. Unfortunately, these don't work that well, or sometimes not at all. Concentration also plays an important role, of course. A product should contain at least 0.5 percent vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol and no ester thereof. In addition, other antioxidants should actually be added to the product to ensure the effectiveness and stability of vitamin E.
Vitamin C and vitamin E, like Ernie & Bert or Tom & Jerry, are inseparable. Hopefully you now understand why the expensive cream with vitamin E in the jar didn't work for you!

One last warning

Vitamin E (like many other dietary supplements) has a blood thinning effect. This is why I advise you to stop taking vitamin E supplements before undergoing surgery. In addition, there is an occasional vitamin E allergy. The risk is greatest when the vitamin you use is not pure, as is the case with vitamin E used in food, for example. The vitamin for cosmetic products must meet higher requirements. Unfortunately, it has occasionally happened in the past that people were allergic to a product with vitamin E on a massive scale. Later it turned out that a cheap and bad vitamin E had been added to the product. The concentration should of course not be too low, but also not too high, as this increases the risk of skin irritation. I added one percent vitamin E to Uncover's moisturizer and sunscreen. Of course there are many more products with this vitamin on the market. Olaz Total Effects 7 in 1 Moisturizing Day Cream also contains both tocopherol acetate and tocopherol. You can always contact the manufacturer of a product to ask about the concentration used, because they do not state it. If you have any good suggestions for products, please let me know!

Enjoy Easter and especially the chocolate easter eggs! Because they also contain vitamin E ...


Best regards

Jetske Ultee

(Dr. Jetske Ultee - Research Doctor Cosmetic Dermatology)