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MBA-ITMIS course at the Ansbach, Deggendorf and Ingolstadt universities of applied sciences


Module "IT Law and Contracts"

target group

MBA-ITMIS students



RA Foerster, RA Toufar


The universities of applied sciences in Ingolstadt, Ansbach and Deggendorf have been offering the part-time course "IT Management and Information Systems" since 2004. The standard period of study is 3 semesters and ends with a master's thesis in the third semester. Upon successful completion, the internationally recognized academic degree "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) is awarded.

Since the start of the course in 2004, our lawyers have been preparing students for the legal part of their work as part of the IT law and contracts module. In addition to the basics of IT law, the following topics are also dealt with:

  • Hardware and software contracts
  • Public sector IT contracts (EVB-IT and BVB)
  • Conclusion of contracts in e-business / e-commerce
  • Internet law
  • Data protection law


However, topics are also dealt with which are absolutely necessary for the administration and risk analysis of IT contracts, such as:

  • Liability and Default
  • Law of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
  • Jurisdiction and Arbitration
  • Necessity and density of regulation of final provisions (boiler plates)


The smaller groups of students (max. 20 participants) enable demanding and case-related discussion of topics.

The students receive the content of the course digitized on CD-ROM, which makes all references to standards and laws or to further links on the Internet immediately available to the user with hyperlinks. We underlay the content with the fr_elearning_tool, which provides the students with self-control and a contemporary coaching model. Several tests are carried out during the course to evaluate the learning success

  • 1st test: at the beginning of the event
  • 2nd test: at the beginning of the 2nd semester and a
  • 3rd test: at the end of the 3rd semester


The results show a sustained success of the knowledge transfer within the framework of the module "IT law and contracts":


Test results MBA-ITMIS 2005:

1st test: 44% correct answers Comparison of 1st and 2nd test

2nd test: 74% correct answers. Comparison of 1st and 2nd test

3rd test: 86% correct answers. Results 3rd test