Is the Stranger Things show scary

Will "Stranger Things" get two more seasons?

The third "Stranger Things" season starts in summer. Her stars Milly Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard and Co. are already looking to the future.

A discussion has broken out among the cast of "Stranger Things" about how long the Netflix hit series should run. So said Gaten Matarazzo, who plays the role of Dustin Henderson in the series, opposite Entertainment Tonight: “I think we should stop as soon as the story needs an end. I don't think another season should be pushed through. If there is no more story, then there is no more story. "

While cast member Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) thinks five seasons would be ideal, Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, believes that so many episodes are unnecessary. He further stated: “I think we definitely need another season to break everything up. Either one or two, for sure. At least one to clear everything up. "

Millie Bobby Brown did not comment on the length of the series, but claims to already know the final idea of ​​the series. And that although the end of "Stranger Things" has not yet been written. She revealed about the highlight of the series: “I know exactly what is going to happen. Very frightening..."

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When does the third "Stranger Things" season start?

Since 2017, "Stranger Things" fans have had to wait for a new season of their favorite Netflix series, but soon they will finally be released: In July, the youngsters will be allowed to return to the third season of the popular mystery series in the nostalgic 80s look go on a monster hunt.

Here is the trailer for the third "Stranger Things" season:

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