Confidential informants are gangstalkers

Mind Control in Germany and Europe

All of this is a global program - therefore no politician or authority in a country will do anything about it - even if they wanted to. Nobody becomes a TI by chance - you only become a TI if you stand out from the crowd by doing something. Usually those who are not "sheep" and can form their own opinion and those who have certain personal characteristics - or the "wrong" religion. Then suddenly life becomes "strange" - sometimes years pass before you notice it. But then it gets really tough. The global re-education of the sheep that thinks they are happy and does not notice that they no longer think for themselves is an NWO program. According to an American military whistleblower, the TI's are only the tip of the iceberg worldwide and that millions of people around the world are being harmed and manipulated without even realizing it. They run to doctors and pump themselves full of medication for years because they think their problems are aging, diet, stress, or something else. Pharmacy, hospitals, doctors, psychiatric institutions, rehabilitation clinics, nursing and care for the elderly .... and and and .... are booming - in the last 20 years the curve has been very steep, hasn't it? Sick people are too busy with themselves and have no more strength or time to take care of the global social policy of de-individualization. According to this whistleblower, a TI can only escape from the program if he makes a 180 degree turn - i.e. if he lets his personality bend. Regarding the latest revelations by E. Snowden - that Haarp is also used as an MC weapon - I can only say: why is he only getting out with it now? Dr. Robert Duncan described this - and a lot more - in great detail in 2010 in his book "Soulcatcher". Since he himself was involved in the installation of global techniques for influencing the world's population - including Haarp - he has insider knowledge with all technical backgrounds. He only became a whistleblower when he became aware of the abuse of the population and en masse TIs were sent to hell. Some of these techniques are "Blacker-than-Black-OP's". i.e. occultism and paranormal and other things - for EVERYONE on the globe. For the unsuspecting citizen, it just looks like technology. Who cares:

But even if you only search for "Project Soulcatcher" you will find a lot of information - far more than Snowdon has revealed so far. If he could say something that he SHOULD not say, he would no longer be alive - this is probably one of the easiest exercises of NSA & Co. with their technical possibilities. Magnus Ollson also provides more information (not just on TIs, but also on the global status) than E. Snowdon. Even a US military employee of the Soulcatcher project noted in an (unofficial) report that Magnus Ollson was one of the very few people who really saw what was happening. I fully agree with that.

Merry Christmas! Heidi