What is Dashlane

Dashlane: What is it exactly?

Since that World wide web Unlocked in 1991, many new opportunities were opened up, and more and more over time services developed that are used.

Meanwhile, a consumer doesn't have just one E-mail address, but also numerous accounts for Online banking, Online shopping and in social networksfor which he is each one password needs that he has to remember.

So that the passwords are secure and cannot be cracked, they should be special long and cryptic be. So the probability is pretty high that the Forgot passwords if they are not stored somewhere. For this there are the so-called Password manager.

Especially for Companies such a password manager makes sense because it is a special high security and ease of use promises, it can also save companies time. One of those password managers is Dashlane. How does Dashlane compare to other password managers? What are the positives about Dashlane and is this program safe? In any case, the manufacturer promises that with Dashlane you will never forget your password again.

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a Password managerthat stores passwords in encrypted form and, if necessary, also generates passwords that are almost unbreakable.

The latest version brings one too Password changer with which passwords can be changed easily.

Dashlane is free and can be used both for Windows as well as for MacOS downloaded.

In addition to the Free version there is also one Premium and a Business version from Dashlane. The costs are $ 3.33 or. $ 4.00 per month and billed annually. The paid versions include a Synchronization of passwords possible with mobile devices.

Once installed, you will need to log into Dashlane register and create an accountfor what you a sure General password need. This password is used to encrypt the Password list used.

Dashlane allows you to save, access and edit your passwords as you wish. Furthermore, with Dashlane you can also do a Generate password and even determine the properties of the generated password in advance.

Dashlane saves your passwords in a listthat persists regardless of how often you use it. The passwords are used when opening the page automatically entered for you, so you to save time and don't have to remember the passwords.

While the old versions of Dashlane are still as stand-alone programs can run, the new one Version 5.x can be used directly in the browser regardless of the system. At Google play or in App Store Dashlane is also available as a App to download.

Do you want your Delete Dashlane account, you need to distinguish whether you are your entire Delete Dashlane account want or just that Synchronization Deactivate between the devices so that you can only use the program on your computer.

  • Do you want Permanently remove DashlaneFirst, you need Dashlane from your computer uninstall. Then go to the "Delete" page and follow the instructions on the page to delete your account and all data.
  • If you just want to prevent one Synchronization takes place between the devices, go to "Tools" and then to "Settings" in Windows or to "Dashlane" and then to "Settings" for Mac. Then click on the “Sync” tab and deactivate the function.

Is Dashlane Safe?

Typically, your passwords are with Dashlane for sure.

There is one thing the program will tell you every time you use a password multiple times or the password you have created too dangerous is easy.

On the other hand, the Password lists encrypted with an almost unbreakable algorithm.

You may be able to use the Emergency function create a contact who can view all or selected passwords.

Conclusion: Dashlane scores with safety and ease of use

  1. Dashlane is a password manager that Stores passwords in encrypted form and generated if necessary.
  2. Dashlane is free and can be used both for Windows as well as for MacOS downloaded and used directly in the browser.
  3. Dashlane alerts you every time you get one Use password multiple times or the password you created too dangerously easy is.
  4. Dashlane's password lists are marked with a unbreakable algorithm encrypted.
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Dashlane: What is it exactly?
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