How we can effectively eliminate malnutrition

Fight hunger


CARE has set itself the goal of supporting millions of people around the worldGet access to a safe diet and also to adapt agriculture to the changed conditions of climate change. Strengthening smallholder agriculture and knowing about nutritious diets are some important steps to take.

CARE distributes directly after a disaster Drinking water and emergency CARE packages filled with grain, legumes and cooking oil to families in need. CARE takes care of malnourished children medical composition foodso that you regain your strength quickly and your body can tolerate normal food again. CARE improves the health care with mobile medical teams who also check the nutritional status of the young children. At the same time, CARE repairs Wells and water sources, because clean drinking water and hygiene are vital.

In addition, CARETraining courses on water-conserving cultivation methods and helps with drought-resistant seeds, grain banks and efficient irrigation systems. In addition to the implementation of projects, CARE is also involved on a political level with governments and the international community by asking for more investments on the subject of hunger and malnutrition.

Please help to expand this aid and fight against hunger. Every day counts.