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Album review Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

Jailbreak is the sixth studio album by the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. It was released in 1976. With Jailbreak the band made something of their breakthrough, especially in the USA they were quite successful with the album and the singles Jailbreak and The Boys Are Back In Town. The album was recorded in what is perhaps the most classic of all Thin Lizzy line-ups: Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson on guitars, Brian Downey on drums and Phil Lynott on bass and vocals.

The album opens with the band classic Jailbreak. A trademark Thin Lizzy song with sparkling riffs and a pleasantly driving rhythm. Angel from the Coast has a more varied arrangement, but still offers classic ingredients: power, beautiful riffs and the typical twin leads. Running back sounds like a nursery rhyme. A simple piano melody as a counterpart to subtle guitar chords gives the song a casual atmosphere. Romeo and the Lonely Girl ties in with the casual atmosphere of the previous song. The band is taking part Warriors to. The song rocks without compromise with psychedelic parts.

The Boys Are Back in Town is another band classic. The groovy song shines with a pleasing melody and vieeeeel Twin leads. Fight or Fall then something falls off, that seems a bit indecisive. Also the Cowboy song belongs to the classics of the band. After a longing beginning, there is a broadside: twin leads, hard rock and a well-shouting Lynott result in classic riff-rock of the very best quality. Emerald is also one of the better known songs of the band, at least they enjoyed playing it live. Perhaps the most complex song on the album surprises with a very sophisticated arrangement.

Thin Lizzy have always been a really good live band, but why Thin Lizzy never made the big breakthrough with the studio albums remains a mystery. They have often presented good material, with the band playing at the very top with this album Jailbreak. Apart from a few weak points (like Fight Of Fall), the band presents a really good rock album here. One of the best band albums, possibly topped by Black Rose.

  1. Jailbreak 4:01
  2. Angel from the Coast (Lynott, Brian Robertson) 3:03
  3. Running back 3:13
  4. Romeo and the Lonely Girl 3:55
  5. Warriors (Lynott, Scott Gorham) 4:09
  6. The Boys Are Back in Town 4:27
  7. Fight or Fall 3:45
  8. Cowboy Song (Lynott, Brian Downey) 5:16
  9. Emerald (Gorham, Downey, Robertson, Lynott) 4:03

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