Is it worth it to master Kotlin

Rheinwerk and Heise present: The online conference on Kotlin on April 22nd

On April 22nd, with the "KKON Warm-Up", an online conference on the Kotlin programming language organized by Heise and Rheinwerk will take place. In seven practical lectures you will learn everything you need to know for practical use. Those interested can register for the conference at the early bird price of 159 euros (plus VAT) until April 8th.

How to master the switch to Kotlin

Even if Kotlin is relatively young compared to other programming languages ​​at ten years of age, the language enjoys great popularity. It has been Google's preferred programming language for Android app development for several years, and developers are using it more and more frequently in other areas of application. The experts at the online conference shed light on the programming language in detail - from the basics of the application to advanced language concepts and areas of application.

The speakers are all known in the scene and have been dealing with the topic for years - including a lecture by Anthon Arhipov, who works for the language inventor JetBrains. The broad field of application of the language is also reflected in the different areas of the speakers. Starting with an insight into Kotlin for Java developers, the conference deals with concurrency using Kotlin's coroutines, creating Domain Specific Languages ​​(DSL), Android development with Kotlin, Kotlin Flow and the combination of Kotlin with the build tool Gradle.

The early bird discount is valid until April 8th. After that, the event costs 189 euros (plus VAT). The conference is also available afterwards in full and including access to all conference materials. Please visit the conference website for more information.


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