What does a spoon with holes mean?

Why is there a hole in the wooden spoon?

The wooden spoon has a hole, but what for? Ideally, it even has two holes: one to hang up, that is clear, but what is the other intended for? Today we get to the bottom of the mysterious holes in wooden spoons.

The wooden spoon with a hole is actually also called a mixing spoon or perforated ladle. The Italians also call it a risotto mixer. Anyone who has already made risotto themselves knows how exhausting it is to stir all the time. This is exactly where the solution for our wooden spoon with a hole lies.

The hole in the wooden spoon reduces resistance and makes stirring easier. That is why it is particularly suitable for dough or risotto. The hole also mixes thin sauces better because they are swirled better when stirring.

Perhaps not in the spirit of the inventor, but the wooden spoons with holes are definitely practical when you want to fish large things like whole onions or potatoes out of a sauce. They stay in the hole much better than on one without a hole.

If you are still wondering why the spaghetti spoon has the hole between its prongs - we will also reveal this secret. The first thought may be so that the water can drain better. But this is only half the truth. The hole is usually exactly the diameter of a serving of spaghetti. So if you have a spaghetti spoon with a hole, you can use it to measure the right amount of spaghetti.

With that I think all vital questions about spaghetti spoons and wooden spoons with holes have been clarified and the store of useless knowledge has been replenished 😉

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