Is Roger Federer human

Roger Federer's agent: "He's an extraordinary person"

Roger Federer's agent since 2005, Tony Godsick, an inevitable reference figure for the Swiss and present on his bench at almost every tournament, recently answered a few questions about his client in an interview with Dartmouth Magazine that he gave him one in its last issue has devoted important articles.

Godsick spoke about Federer and his personality and also underlined the great relationship that now exists between the two and that has gone beyond the professional aspects for many years, which makes Roger and Tony a not only profitable, but almost family partnership.

Godsick has exactly marked the great humanity of the twenty-time Grand Slam champion, which makes him an always pleasant boy and above all loved by everyone in his work environment and thus on the tour: “Roger is an amazing person when it comes to relationships .

Few people are as attractive and charismatic as he is. It's also a lot of fun and fun, "said his longtime agent.

Here are the staggering numbers Federer has won this year

During the interview, he also turned to the economic issue, which is actually the main voice of Federer's career under the direct responsibility of Godsick.

The latter noted news that had already been confirmed a few weeks ago by the main international media, namely that the Swiss champions were the highest paid tennis player in the world with a profit of no less than $ 106 million.

The extraordinary nature of this fact, which further supports the idea that Roger would be loved regardless of his appearance on a tennis court, lies in coincidence with an almost tennis-free season for the Swiss who competed in just one tournament in Melbourne in January and have lost in the semifinals against future champions Nole Djokovic.

A testimony that, as mentioned earlier, shows the public how the 39-year-old from Basel has achieved a popularity that works regardless of his short-term results. Roger is sure to return to the field in 2021, though no word is known at the time of his long-awaited return to the field.

His participation in Miami is likely, while the chances that he will be present on clay during the season are very slim. The dates most important to the Swiss this year will instead come this summer with Wimbledon first and the Tokyo games shortly after. Photo credit: Credite Suisse