Is eSurance a good insurance company

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For a reliable insurance solution, many companies rely on the support of a broker. But these are increasingly under pressure to be efficient and the question arises: How do small companies in particular get the right protection?

Fight for the (digital) customer interface of SMEs in full swing

The insurance market is in a state of upheaval. The current World Insurance Report from Capgemini states that customers are increasingly turning to digital channels to obtain information and buy products. The Covid-19 pandemic will further increase the need for digital solutions. Insurance companies are gradually implementing digitization, increasing the simplicity for customers and the clout of their own sales. To this end, portals are set up and chatbots and voice assistants are used. With these investments in the customer interface, the insurance companies could regain market share for their own sales from the brokers.

Digitization as a problem solver for small business customers and brokers?

For corporate customers in particular, however, the subject of insurance quickly becomes complex and individual advice and specific know-how are required. Is an automated solution enough so that a company is not left without insurance cover at a crucial moment? Brokers can provide support here with specialist expertise - but how do they keep pace with digitization?

“Of course, insurance should be simple,” affirms Andri Mengiardi, CEO of esurance. "This means that they are unbureaucratic and understandable." Digitized processes would support this. But that is not enough.

«No entrepreneur buys insurance because it is digital, but so that he is insured in the event of a claim. We are committed to solutions that ensure that SMEs receive individually relevant protection.

Industry-specific platform solution and individual advice

Esurance's solution are industry-specific insurance products that are created in collaboration with experts and industry associations. As a broker, esurance thus gains in-depth know-how about an industry and understands which covers are really important.

"Various insurance covers that are relevant for startups and small businesses are in some cases not even available to SMEs," reports Christian Hunziker from the swissICT industry association. “And if so, the good solutions are expensive - thanks to the industry solution, a remedy can now be found. With the collective purchasing power of the association, on the one hand, the missing insurance coverage can be offered and, on the other hand, interesting prices can be granted. "

“With our platform, which other brokers can also use, we make insurance simple, transparent and digital. With industry know-how and individual advice, we ensure that even small companies find the right insurance solution, ”says Andri Mengiardi. “This is how we help the little ones to find big solutions. Our ambition is not online or offline, our ambition is no-line ». The focus is not on the individual channel, but solely on the right solution from the customer's point of view.