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Flag shop: Everything to do with flags and accessories

Whether at international or national celebrations, at regional events or at a celebration with family and friends: flags, flags and pennants are used everywhere in different designs.

Looking proudly like the Swiss national flag, we also look at the flag of our regional sports club with great emotion. In order for a flag to come into its own, it's not just the print that plays a role. The attachment and accessories are also crucial. In our flag shop you will find everything you need for your individual flag and the perfect effect.

Why the national flag is more than a piece of cloth

Anyone who deals with the subject of flags for the first time might think that it is just a piece of cloth that flutters in the wind. But there is much more behind the apparently simple fabric with any print in all shapes and colors.

In seafaring, for example, the lowering of the national flag on a warship is a wordless symbol of surrender that is understood worldwide. The Swiss national flag - the white cross on a red background - originally comes from the founding canton of Schwyz.

The white cross stands for Christianity. In connection with the striking red background, it stands for democracy and peace, but also for neutrality and protection. In 1815 the white cross became the official symbol of Switzerland. The shape of the cross was finally determined by the Federal Assembly in 1889.

A special feature of the Swiss national flag is its proportions. There are no special requirements for the red basic color, but the size of the white cross and the dimensions to each other are precisely defined. To this day, the cross stands for Switzerland's famous attitude to life.

The so-called "Swissness" stands for products that are produced in Switzerland. This includes not only the famous Swiss chocolate or the equally well-known Swiss knives. Swissness also stands for the popular Swiss mountains, which are the destination for countless travelers year after year.

What else is important?

Material, flagpoles and fastenings play an important role in ensuring that the Swiss national flag with its typical Swissness, just like any other flag, is shown to its best advantage. In our flag shop you will find everything that is important to do with flags and pennants.

Heimgartner offers individual designs in different sizes and shapes. In addition to the optimal production of the flag symbols, we also provide the ideal fastening or mast concept.

The Heimgartner flag shop is your point of contact where, thanks to a wide range of products, none of your wishes remain unfulfilled. Whether for private use at home or for commercial use in your company: Flags and accessories from Heimgartner are the right choice for every occasion.

Your flag shop with a large selection of flags and banners

The Heimgartner Shop offers you an extensive range of flags. These are, for example, Swiss flags and flags in various designs. Hoist the classic Swiss flag, let the Swiss flapping flag blow in the wind or decorate various facilities with table flags and pennants.

While canton flags are regionally shaped, national flags present the pride of numerous states. In addition to national Heimgartner flags and flags of international organizations such as the EU, NATO or the Red Cross, you are out and about with boat flags and signal flags on the high seas.

Wind and warning bags in the corresponding colors attract attention and reliably indicate the current wind strength. Flag chains add flags tightly and are ideal for use at international theme parties.

Flagpoles and accessories in high quality

When you think of major events like a European Championship or a World Cup in football, you are sure to have images of fan celebrations in mind. You see happy people who hold their national flags in their hands and proudly present them.

At such moments you don't need any accessories for your flags, but things look very different for other occasions. If you want your flag to be visible from afar, hoist it on a flagpole. In the Heimgartner shop for flags and flags you will discover one-piece and multi-piece flagpoles in various designs as well as flagpoles with cantilevers.

The latter help to keep your beautiful flag visible even when there is no wind. A flagpole with a boom is useful if you want your flag to be easy to see even in summer when there is little wind. Of course, a mast with a boom can also be used when it is a little windy.

If you do not want to make a decision based on the usual weather conditions in your region, choose a mast with a boom. Then you are well prepared in windy conditions as well as in calm weather and you can be sure that you can see your flag clearly from a distance.

Before you decide on a specific version of a flagpole, you should think carefully about what you need it for. A one-piece flagpole is made from one piece. In certain cases it makes sense to use a mast made up of several parts. In our flag shop you will find a comprehensive range for every need.

Fastenings, accessories for flagpoles such as rope tensioners and snap hooks as well as special masts for windsocks expand the range. Windsocks are very useful for drivers, for example. You can tell whether you have to reckon with cross winds or head winds on a bridge.

Windsocks are particularly necessary on motorways so that motorists and motorcyclists can assess the wind conditions. Rope tensioners or snap hooks also serve to hang your flag clearly visible in all wind and weather conditions from every angle. If you are unsure which accessories from our flag shop are suitable for you, our experts will be happy to advise you before you make your decision.

Flagpoles and accessories for the perfect flag presentation

When it comes to displaying your flags, you shouldn't just focus on one flagpole. There are other options with which you can just as safely release flags to the astonished gaze of observers.

Flagpoles belong to this category and are mainly made of materials such as steel, aluminum, raw wood or wood. Depending on the design, you can bring your flagpoles into the desired position with special brackets - on the canopy or on the wall, among other things. Your flagpole should reliably do its job.

Your flag should be clearly visible from a distance. The material of your flagpole plays a major role. On the one hand, it's about the optics, because the entire picture should be consistent. It looks very nice, for example, if the type and style of the flagpole matches your house. On the other hand, the material must also be resilient. Therefore there are several options available to you.

Steel and aluminum are elegant alternatives

Flagpoles made of aluminum or steel can be used very universally. They fit almost any property and any roof and always look good. Steel is usually the cheaper alternative, but depending on the weather, it can be prone to moisture. Aluminum is a little lighter and more elegant, but you may have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Both materials are very suitable for flagpoles that are supposed to look a bit dainty and reserved. So if your flag comes into its own in full beauty and shouldn't distract the flagpole, aluminum or steel are the best materials. In addition, both fabrics are very resilient and can withstand a higher weight.

Wood looks rustic and cozy

Wood is also a popular material for flagpoles. It looks particularly appealing when the flagpole matches the style of your home. A pole made of wood is therefore very nice on wooden houses of all kinds.

For example, if you want to add a flagpole to a log house made of wood, wood in a similar color is ideal. Wood that is a completely different color than your house can also look very attractive. A combination of dark and light wood can set accents and emphasize both your flag and your flagpole.

It should be noted, however, that wood is a natural material. In its untreated form, it does not withstand weather conditions, especially moisture and humidity, optimally. If the wood is a little weathered, it may look quite attractive. Make sure, however, that your flagpole should still match the rest of your property.

So it can be very useful to have a wooden flagpole impregnated against moisture so that the surface is protected and small drops roll off well. So you can enjoy your wooden flagpole for longer, which perfectly matches your rustic wooden house.

It all depends on the fastening

Of course, you want your flag to look good and be easy to spot from any angle. A good attachment must be stable and should be able to support every movement. So-called candelabra preservations are therefore common. In addition to this variant, there are also bases made of concrete or chrome steel.

These offer plug-in options for one or more poles and keep your flags stable even in windy weather. Stabilizers and other accessories optimize the use of flagpoles. You can also position flags on tables thanks to bases and stands.

Order club flags and accessories in the flag shop

Are you working in an association and need flags made of impeccable quality? You will find what you are looking for in the Heimgartner flag and flag shop. Have your club flags embroidered with the Swiss coat of arms or your cantonal coat of arms and show your flag in the truest sense of the word.

As part of your club meetings, you can decorate the tables with club flags and use table stands for them. These are also ideally suited for car pennants and standards. While car pennants are allowed to look a little sporty, standards are mostly used on very official occasions.

Nevertheless, both variants of your flag should always look good. In our flag shop you will find a wide variety of accessories to perfectly attach pennants and standards. Of course, it's not just about the accessories. Surely you would like to have your own copies designed for your club or organization that incorporate your logo and colors.

In our flag shop you will find a wide range of options and you can design your design as you wish. Pennants and standards are the perfect match for your club. During pageants, you and your club will not be able to avoid carrying poles, for which you will also receive special brackets and tips.

You can perfect the look of your club flags with lanyards and special items. When moving, it's not just about the appearance, but also about the comfort. That is why our carrying bars are designed so that they can be carried safely and comfortably.

A certain dead weight cannot be completely avoided due to the material, and especially with a longer move, the time for the flag bearer can be a bit long. With additional fastening accessories such as a carrying belt, you ensure that the carrying pole can be carried comfortably even during longer moves and that the flag of your club can be optimally seen from any position.

You can already look forward to your next move and choose a support bar that exactly suits your needs. Not to be forgotten are tassels and funeral ribbon for decorations of all kinds. While tassels may look elegant and perhaps a little playful, the funeral ribbon has a completely different meaning. Anyone who has ever hoisted a flag with a black ribbon knows about the special meaning of the black ribbon.

With a black ribbon, you show respect. You want to remember the deceased and make the bereaved feel like you are thinking of them. A black ribbon on a flag must therefore always look perfect, even if the weather conditions are not ideal. With the appropriate accessories, you can keep a black ribbon in the right position so that it always looks classy.

Buy individual flags online in the flag shop

In the Heimgartner shop for flags and accessories you don't have to leave anything to chance. You can easily individualize numerous articles from the large product world. This creates flags that meet your personal preferences or the requirements of your club or company.

Personalize your flags with beautiful embroidery or opt for even the smallest countries and islands such as Burundi or the Marshall Islands with a view of the international flags. Basically, you can choose from different sizes for many products, which you can cleverly combine with one another.

Choose between different materials such as polyester, synthetic or silk and adapt your flags to the respective occasion. Polyester or synthetic are considered to be very easy to care for and are therefore used everywhere. Flags made of this material are not affected by wind and moisture, they always look good.

As a material for a flag, silk is extremely noble, but sensitive to water. Opt for a flag made of silk when you are sure that you will be using your flag mainly indoors so that it does not come into contact with water or dirt.

In the Heimgartner online flag shop you can discover your personal flags and flags to hoist, hang and display and you also have the opportunity to realize your very own designs. Take a look around our flag shop and then creatively develop your idea of ​​your individual flag.

Top service with comprehensive advice

You may already know exactly which products you are looking for before you visit the Heimgartner flag and flag shop. Thanks to the simple navigation and clear presentation of all articles, you will discover your desired flag and any accessories quickly and purposefully.

Meaningful product descriptions including all important data and dimensions help you to make the right decision. But what if you don't yet know exactly which flags are right for you? In this case, let Heimgartner advise you competently and show you your options.

Describe your ideas and wishes in order to receive optimal product suggestions. It doesn't matter whether you are a private or corporate customer. We would be happy to work with you to develop a design for your flag that reflects your wishes. We take care of the design, patterns, fonts and colors and convince you with a high degree of creativity.

Of course, we will also advise you on the size of your flag or the materials. After all, we know that a flag is in use for a long time and must therefore meet high requirements. This is all the more true when it comes to the figurehead of a company or an institution.

In the private environment, there are other requirements that we are also familiar with and take into account during development. You will be surprised how quickly we can create a suitable design for your individual flag and how quickly all questions about flagpoles, flagpoles, fastenings or other accessories are resolved. After a short time, the image of your future flag will take shape and you will know what to look forward to.

Discover the Heimgartner product world in the flag shop

If you take a look around the Heimgartner flag shop, you will quickly notice that the Swiss manufacturer places great emphasis on quality. The company implements 97 percent of the entire value chain in its home town of Wil / SG and thus lays the foundation for the “Made in Switzerland” quality feature.

The Swiss top quality is still characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio. Of course, the famous Swissness is in the foreground for us. Every flag, every pennant and every flag from the Heimgarten flag shop stands for the important Swiss values ​​of freedom and clarity and therefore always for high quality and a strong bond with our home country.

Experience how your flags defy the weather and retain their color brilliance even with intense UV radiation. All flags are particularly tear-resistant and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your new flags over the long term. Whether for private use or professionally as an effective advertising measure: flags, flags and accessories from the Heimgartner flag shop serve you very well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a new flag or the corresponding accessories. Whether private customers, professional companies or social or cultural institutions: We are your contact for high-quality flags, pennants and Co. with the quality feature "Made in Switzerland".