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How "private" is BoD fun?

Contribution from Lexa » 15.10.2017, 19:48

Hello you dear scribes!

I'm brand new here in the forum and I'm nervously awaiting the listing of my first book. But that's not what my current worries are about.

I published under a pseudonym and consequently had to change all names and places.
But now there should also be an original version on my bookshelf. A single copy that comes with my real name and uncensored.
I uploaded this manuscript to BoD-Fun, but luckily I haven't sent it off yet.

My gut advised me to do some more detailed research to see whether no print version could actually leak out via BoD-Fun and I was pretty horrified by the results. Apparently, fun copies can (could) also be ordered through bookstores and third parties have (had) the opportunity to order private editions?
Although the search almost only spit out older posts (2010/2011), I would like to be up to date to be on the safe side.

Can someone tell me what I have to do so that my fun version, which is also provided with a barcode, is not available anywhere under any circumstances?
I can't find an option to click on "private" and in the last mask I get into the BoD contract, which doesn't read much differently than the "Classic contract".

I'm pretty insecure and hope for help or specific information.

Thank you very much in advance.