Can scotch be corked like wine

How can I prevent whiskey from corking over time?

You shouldn't keep the cork wet. The high alcohol content of most distilled spirits begins to dissolve the cork, which is highly undesirable. They should always be stored upright. This also applies to metal screw caps, as metal catalyzes the breakdown of organic compounds.

The best place to keep the bottle in a cool, dark place is to improve its lifespan. While it is true that oxidation cannot occur without air, it is much slower without energy, and reducing the heat of light is much easier than removing air.

If you are able to keep the bottle completely dark and below ~ 70F it will last a lot longer. I store mine in a cupboard in my kitchen and have an Islay Scotch that has been open for 4 years and has shown no sign of deterioration, despite the fact that smoke is one of the most easily broken flavors.

Always leave sunlight blank. UV quickly degrades the taste of spirits. While the glass of most bottles will block some UV radiation, getting through it is extremely harmful.

You can also transfer partially filled bottles into smaller bottles. When you have half of 0.750L, you can transfer that to 0.375L. This would reduce the surface area and the amount of air in the bottle.

If you want to store a bottle that you don't use often, wine stores sell xenon cans that can be sprayed into bottles. The xenon is heavier than air and covers the surface, preventing oxygen from contacting the liquid. However, this is quite expensive and does not prevent any forms of heat / light degradation other than oxidation

Phil D.

Thanks, although my question was about the cork, not storage in general. The question was: If cork deteriorates when it gets dry, but you can't use the contents of the bottle to keep it wet, what do you do? The highlighted answer suggests replacing the cork with a rubber stopper, which may not look as good as some of the corks but at least does the job.