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Category: Zwergspitz (stud dog)

Pomeranian pomeranian

Our Chico in the color orange is available as a stud dog for healthy females. Has a great character, absolutely compatible, he lives with us in the family with children. He has no allergies, is [...]

200, - | 97456 Dittelbrunn

Category: Zwergspitz (stud dog)

Pomeranian Zwergspitz - snow-white stud dog. (no sale)

++++++++++++++++ no sale ++++++++++++++++++ Purebred Pomeranian Zwergspitz snow-white male (with experience) is available for bitches in heat to mate ready. He is healthy and has a great character. He has [...]

n / a | 93055 Regensburg

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian / Zwergspitz (Boo) males for sale (with pedigree)

We are looking for a home for our little ones and just want to leave them in good hands. You were born healthy and happy on April 4th, 2021 and are growing up super. You have a good appetite and although you still sleep a lot, [...]

2,800 | 49186 Bad Iburg

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian female with pedigree for sale

We are looking for a new home for our dear Ginny and just want to give her to a loving home. She is a very cuddly and cuddly lady who can sometimes get a little clingy. She is not very [...]

1,800 | 49186 Bad Iburg

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian Pomeranian with pedigree. 4 males

Dear animal friends. Now it is time to get a new family for the 4 males. They are vaccinated, dewormed and chipped. The breed gets along great with the children and other animals, they are just as suitable as [...]

2,500 | 54310 Ralingen

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian purebred girl

There are 2 cute puppies for sale. Both are 3.5 month old girls. Dewormed, chipped, vaccinated and EU passport upon delivery. Fully socialized.

2,800 | 93093 Regensburg

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian Pomeranian puppy

Purebred Pomeranians from the same litter. Small ears and nice little nose. Well in the coat. You are now 15 weeks old and you can go home right away with one click. Come and have a look! Grew up in [...]

1,200 | 01561 Priestewitz

Category: Other hybrid dog breeds

Beautiful Mini Pomchi puppies in black and white, black & tan with pedigree.

Typical and beautiful Mini Pomchi puppies in black and white, black & tan with pedigree. There are only 3 girls left. Pomchi is a recognized hybrid breed - Pomeranian (pomeranian) and Chihuahua. The [...]

n / a | 88605 Messkirch

Category: mixed breed puppies up to 30cm (selected)

Pomchi puppies (Pomeranian × Chihuahua)

Our Chihuahua bitch has on May 4th. have three beautiful puppies. There are 2 girls and 1 boy. Papa is a purebred Pomeranian Pomeranian. The little ones grow here together with their parents, other animals [...]

1,900 | 25596 Wacken

Category: German lace

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy

Hello, we have 2 cute Pomeranians, 1 male and 1 female. The little ones were born on March 20th, 2021, are very active and healthy. All puppies are colored snow white. You are welcome to come by and [...]

2,600 | 49696 Molbergen

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian Zwergspitz white teddy bear male with pedigree from German breeding

Telephone number and WhatsApp +4917670989974 The treasure is 3 months old, has a chip, has been vaccinated with rabies and has a pedigree, a health certificate and an EU passport. Matias has a beautiful, balanced [...]

3,000 | 10119 Berlin

Rubric: Zwergspitz


Hello everybody. I am selling a Pomeranian Pomeranian Boo Male young 9 months old for personal reasons. He is playful, family-friendly, house-trained. There is a starter pack of treats, beds, toys ...

1,800 | 54492 Zeltingen Rachtig

Rubric: Zwergspitz

 Pomeranian dwarf peak

Pretty little bears are looking for a loving home. Lively, affectionate and your heart opens up to hold a bear in your arms. Parent animals on site. You will be completely vaccinated and chipped. Two boys Black and tan and [...]

2,000 | 49849 Wilsum

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Zwergspitz / Pomeranian Boys and Girls in chic colors for delivery in June ...

These extremely pretty fur children are now 3.5 weeks old and ready to be discovered by their future dog parents. Our baby dogs grow up in the middle of our family - are therefore of many impressions [...]

2,100 | 08115 light fir

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian Pomrranian Puppy Male Babyface

Anyone who said that happiness cannot be bought has probably not yet seen this sweet treasure. Our little Pomeranian Pomeranian puppy is looking for a new, loving home. The Kleine Hübschling is in [...]

3,500 | 36100 Petersberg

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Purebred Pomeranian Pomeranian Puppy real teddy type Boo

Our only male is looking for a dream home. It is cream sable in color and will remain very light when fully grown. The puppy's parents live with us and can be viewed on site. The male is now 12 [...]

3,000 | 85505 Ingolstadt

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy

Our cream-white Pomeranian bitch gave birth to a little girl and a boy on January 3rd, 2021. The little ones are now over 12 weeks and can be picked up immediately. Female white / beige 2500EUR [...]

2,500 | 41564 Kaarst

Rubric: Zwergspitz

 * Pomeranian dwarf pointed * Tea-Cup teddy bears from the breeder

Hello everybody! We got two puppies (TEA-CUP) from our dogs on March 5th, 2021. The two boys wear the rare color snow white. Both parents are pure-bred Pomeranian dwarfs, have a pedigree [...]

2,500 | 95463 Bindlach

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian / teddy bear

Hello my dears. From our litter there is a cute teddy bear male Pomeranian Pomeranian who is still looking for a new home. The little ones were born on February 16, 2021. The little one is ... - very playful and bright - [...]

2,200 | 53773 Hennef (victory)

Rubric: Lost / Accumulated / Stolen

Pomeranian zwerkspitz

A cute Pomeranian Pomeranian puppy looking for a new home. The puppies are absolutely healthy, very friendly and playful. Examined by a vet and have an EU pet passport. Further information will be happy to [...]

2,000 | 22043 Hamburg

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy

Our cute little puppies are now so old that they would be happy about the first visit. The little ones are looking for a new family and can move from around mid-July. The sweet rascals were born on [...]

1,900 | 49134 Wallenhorst

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Purebred Pomerian Spitz Teddy

Our little Pomeranian Pomeranian puppy is looking for loving and responsible hands. It is a male dog. They have a thick and fluffy coat. They are very playful and cuddly. The puppy is on [...]

2,000 | 73262 Reichenbach an der Fils

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy


2,400 | 33100 Paderborn

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy

Our Luna gave birth to 2 sugar-sweet females on February 28th. In the last picture you can see the mother Luna (right) and the father Snickers (the second from the left). The whole family lives with us. Mimi is [...]

2,800 | 12435 Berlin - Treptow

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy

Super cute Pomeranian Pomeranian puppies are looking for a new home. The puppies are absolutely healthy, very friendly and bright. They are vaccinated, chipped, dewormed several times, examined by a veterinarian and have [...]

n / a | 48599 Gronau (Westphalia)

Category: mixed breed puppies up to 30cm (selected)

Chihuahua Pomeranian Pomeranian puppy

On March 27th, 2021 our Chihuahua bitch gave birth to a cute boy. The papa is a purebred Pomeranian dwarf spitz, can be seen in the last photos. The little one grows up in a household with children and knows [...]

1,900 | 49401 DAMME

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian

Our little fluffy and cute teddy bear is for sale. The puppy is 12 weeks old and ready to move. Male orange sable color. He has a bit of both parents. Our father has great fur in the color orange. Our [...]

2,000 | 47167 Duisburg, Germany

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian puppy

Hello, We are offering 6 adorable little Pomeranian puppies for sale here. The little ones were born on February 20th, 2021 and can now move out to their new families. They are in top shape, very healthy, dewormed several times, vaccinated [...]

2,300 | 26899 Rhede (Ems)

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Fantastic Pomeranian (pomeranian) puppies in rare colors (purple with white) male with blue eyes

The little man is still looking for the right home. The little man is very fit and shows no health problems. Like his siblings, he was vaccinated and chipped and got an eu passport. He and his siblings [...]

2,490 | 32457 Porta Westfalica

Rubric: Zwergspitz

Pomeranian pomeranian

Hello everyone, born on March 16, 2021 Available immediately. A girl .. Of course with a vaccination card and dewormed. Everything is done with a contract. People please don't make me crazy for two hours every day [...]

2,400 | 41334 Nettetal

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