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Vacation planning: 6 tips to make your vacation planning in the company run smoothly

By Gabriele Kaier, December 11th, 2017, reading time approx. 10 minutes.

Companies should tackle vacation planning for the new year in good time. This requires a lot of time and skill in order to ensure employee interests on the one hand and smooth processes in the company on the other. With this checklist you can avoid potential conflicts when planning vacation in your company.

Vacation planning in the company: the checklist

1. Establish clear rules for planning your vacation.

You define clear rules for employees' vacation planning. In order to ensure that these are adhered to, it is best to include them in the company agreement.

Usually the rules for vacation planning are drawn up or at least worked on by the HR department. Make sure that every manager receives this checklist for vacation planning and that it is taken into account and made accessible in the respective teams.

2. Timely vacation planning: Plan the vacation needs early.

Plan your vacation early and with foresight, preferably together with the teams, in open dialogue. When planning your vacation, take the following points into account for your employees:

  • Prefer employees with school children.
  • Popular dates such as long weekends, Christmas, the end of the year and remaining vacation
  • Company events such as anniversaries, Christmas parties: make sure that not too many employees go on vacation on these dates. These celebrations should strengthen the sense of togetherness in the company and not be missing half the workforce.
  • Religious holidays: Keep the most important holidays of your Muslim employees, for example, in the back of your mind.
  • Regulate who represents whom on vacation: Details can be found in point 5 below

With a web-based vacation management, your employees can also access vacation planning from home and submit a vacation request.

Plan the vacation and consider your company's needs.

Planning your vacation at an early stage also includes assessing your company's needs. Managers know in advance at what times important projects are pending or when there is a lot or little to be done in specific industries and can provide one for these periods Vacation lock or Company vacation impose.

With vacation management software, you can enter company vacation and vacation locks for individual departments or the entire company. If the employees submit a vacation request in the software during a vacation lock period, they are automatically made aware that no vacation is possible during this period. If you set a company vacation in the software, your employees will be informed by the software, the vacation days will be automatically entered for the employees or deducted from the vacation entitlement.

3. Keep an eye on the remaining vacation and flextime credit.

The vacation is intended for relaxation, so that your employees can return to their daily work with renewed energy. Motivate your employees to take a break every now and then. This certainly has a positive effect on the results on the one hand, and on the other hand it helps to avoid accumulations of remaining vacation. Create clear company rules as to when the remaining vacation must be taken before it expires. If your employees can only take annual leave towards the end of the calendar year for operational reasons, give these employees priority over the claims of colleagues who want to take new leave. Here is an overview of the legal regulation on the subject of vacation expiry and vacation carryover in Germany.

With online vacation management, you always have an overview of your employees' flextime credit, overtime or remaining vacation time in the form of an annual calendar, departmental calendar or team calendar. The employees themselves also have an overview of their vacation requests and current vacation entitlements in their online vacation planning at any time.

You can also set an automatic vacation expiry and carry-over in the software to make it easier for HR managers to manage the remaining vacation.

4. Watch out for overlaps.

Design the vacation planning so that it is with employees similar areas of responsibility to no holiday overlaps comes. Make sure that they do not apply for leave one after the other.

Online vacation planning helps you ensure that the vacation days of individual employees do not overlap. The department calendar shows you the absences of all employees in one or all departments at a glance. The team calendar enables you to keep an eye on your team on a project-by-project basis, across departments.

5. Arrange the representation of your employees.

When planning your vacation, take into account who is representing whom on vacation so that there are no friction losses when employees go on vacation. A Online vacation planning offers you the opportunity to forward applications to a vacation replacement if a manager is absent. This ensures that vacation requests, time compensation requests, time booking requests and requests for other employee absences are processed promptly. The defined substitute is automatically activated at the beginning of the absence and automatically deactivated by the software at the end of the vacation.

6. The vacation checklist for every employee

When an employee goes on vacation is a good one Handover of tasks and projects the key to ensuring that operations continue to run smoothly. Require your employees to hand over important processes, open projects, responsibilities, access rights, files and contacts cleanly in advance.

Depending on how long the employee is absent and also how well the substitute already knows the work area, the handover must be very thorough or less detailed. It also makes sense to distribute the upcoming tasks among several employees so that one employee does not have to do double work.

When handing over, it is advisable to structure it according to a Handover checklist proceed for the representative colleague. Before creating a handover protocol, consider what information the representative needs in order to be able to continue the work without any problems. If possible, however, the employee should not simply call the representative Handover protocol but rather explain the important tasks in a personal conversation in order to avoid misunderstandings and to clarify open questions.

In order to transfer the most important information in a structured manner, a checklist for the representative colleague has proven itself. It also makes sense to distribute the upcoming tasks to several employees so that one employee does not have to do double work.

Online vacation planning and vacation management

A Online vacation management how TimeTac offers you all the functions you need for efficient vacation planning and administration of vacation or time compensation entitlements as well as other absences. The employees' vacation entitlements are automatically calculated based on the work models and are clearly visible to employees and superiors at all times.

With the Vacation management from TimeTac, your employees handle the applications Vacation, time compensation or other absences with approval workflow efficient and paperless online. Superiors can process the applications on the basis of current requirements and the necessary availabilities. The software automatically informs employees of the acceptance or rejection of an application. At TimeTac you also have the option of having applications run through two stages. In a two-step approval workflow, two higher-level managers approve an application.

Other absences such as special leave, care leave, training, etc. can be set in TimeTac individually for your company to adjust. Particularly practical, you can get the country-specific holidays from TimeTac preconfigured for your needs in the so-called holiday calendar. Country-specific definitions for absences and the limitation of other absences can also be set at TimeTac. Make it easy for you and your HR department! Contact us for more information.